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The impact of year of birth on obesity related gene

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There is a lot of research that goes on the ever going conflict of genetics against environment on the traits of a life such as obesity. However, a totally new research updates us on a new parameter: the time of the birth of individuals. One of these issues of PNAS Early edition, the effect of a cell in the FTO gene has revealed relation to the birth year with no significant links to the obesity or any gene variant.


However, in one of the studies undertaken at North Carolina University, the participants showed a good relation between the obesity gene and the body mass index that seemed to show a rise with the birth of the participants. These conclusions drawn are unique to the researchers because they are happening for the first time and might give rise to other inferences like the connection between the physical traits and gene variants and the variations in the individuals in the same family.

Some really senior scientists have observed that these variations have come on the forefront as a deep relation between the environment and genes of the individuals and their interactions have revealed some substantial results  on those categories that are born within a specific span of years that would not vary the changes that much. A special analysis was done to find out whether the different age groups react to the same conditions differently or if that would make the gene different in a way or so. This study was taken from Framingham Offspring that was collected in 1971 and 2008 and was taken from the age groups 28-63.


When these relationships were studies and the participants' observations of body mass index was calculated, it was found to be eight times that of the FTO variants. Also, their birth details gave some really unique observations in terms of an earlier association between FTO variant and the BMI on an average in the individuals who were born late. It is surprising to note that although there was no link between obesity and BMI for those who were born before 1942, but the people who were born after this year had the link as strong as twice of the link between the individuals before 1942. The study however shared a very serious drawback in terms of not carrying the ability to determine the environmental variations in combination with the FTO variant that raise the risk of obesity. The researchers have also concluded that after World War 2, there has been a rise in the dependence on technology over physical labor and the access to calorie rich diet have contributed largely to obesity.


It is a known fact that the environment, by large, has a big role to play when it comes to expressing genes and the point that a lot of similarity is seen between us and our siblings who are born in the consequent years, simply shows that the environment on a global scale in terms of different trends and traditions in food products and the work culture of a particular organization, is most likely to affect genetic traits. This is what has come out in accordance with a deep research done by Dr. Rosenquist, from Harvard Medical School. The results always undermine the significance of finding out any genetic studies with a grain of salt. There is always a certainty owing to the scientific findings that new genetic problems might arise in the future because of responses of the genes to the ever changing environment. It is totally dependent on the challenges presented and the way they are tackled since findings of today will help the findings of tomorrow.

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