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The top 5 Cardio Machines that work effectively

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Cardio exercises are meant to increase the heart rate to enable a smooth blood-flow to the heart. When we sweat out using cardio machines, our blood capillaries carry more quantities of oxygen. This heavy rush of oxygen helps us to do more activities which in turn reduce more fat. The main reason why we head out to gym is to burn more calories and fat and the most effective way of doing that is to work out on good cardio machines available in the market.

At the beginning, when we are trying out various machines, we don’t know what is best for us. We enroll to the nearest gym centre in our vicinity and use the available equipment that they offer. This may not give you the desired outcome as all machines do not work in the same way.

So that you are not disappointed with the use of these machines, here is a general guidance to 5 of the best cardio machines for effective weight reduction:

  1. Treadmill

    One of the most commonly found cardio machines in any gym is treadmill. These machines are very easy to use and are a must for weight loss purpose. As it involves both running and walking without moving around, it is a great way to start burning your fat. The best way to get more out of it is to run or walk on the mill without holding on to the rails. If you are planning to get a treadmill for your home then make sure to go through treadmill reviews online.


  2. Jacobs Ladder

    Climbing up the ladder is a tedious job, very much like taking the stairs. This is precisely the reason why you should go for this machine. In this, the ladder keeps on going upwards forcing you to climb endlessly. It is a great fat burner.


  3. Elliptical machine – An elliptical trainer, also known as cross-trainer is one of the best cardio workout tools that simulate walking, stair climbing, and running. The advantage is that it does not cause much pressure on the joints, thus there are less chances of injuries. There is still argument if this machine is better than a treadmill; but you have to work out on both and evaluate this with results! To know more about these, you can go through elliptical reviews online.


  4. Arc Trainer

    These machines have an arc like shape which allows such pattern of body movement. It has three levels to move your body “ low-incline level, mid-range and climbing. It’s good for athletes as it burns maximum calories.


  5. Cycling bike

    These stationery bikes are a great way to pedal away your excess fat. These bikes have seat adjustment facilities, handle bar height and for which gives you a more customized exercise routine. This increases the comfort quotient and thus enables you to work longer. The more you cycle, the more calories you will burn. It does not tire you out easily.


  6. Rowing machines

    There are a lot many rowing machines available in the market for the most effective results. Some of the advanced machines have some added features which have been modified for faster fat burn. It is similar to rowing boats in water. In fact some machines do have water container which gives a more realistic feeling. Rowing machines have plenty benefits; they not only works on the fatty tissues but also helps tone arms and thigh muscles. Experts say rowing activity involves the participation of more than 80% of our muscles.


Next time you go to a gym, look out for these amazing machines to help you reduce weight. If you continue working out on them religiously, then you will get back your desired body shape within no time at all. Moreover, go through the authentic reviews available online to get a better idea!