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Weight Loss Plateau: What Experts Say

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Most people who have ever exercised and dieted to lose weight, encountered the effect of a weight loss plateau. This is a certain stage in a weight loss program when a person keeps sticking to his usual workout and diet regime, but the weight still seems to be there. The positive dynamics is lost – the pounds simply refuse to go. It can happen after several weeks or months, but it is likely to happen to everybody who is into fitness.

a woman sitting on a beachView ?1: Plateau Is a Natural Process

Some specialists insist on natural causes of the weight loss plateau and oppose the beliefs that one has to do something about it. They say that as far as the process is absolutely natural, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Just keep on doing what you’ve been doing. The causes of the plateau, according to them, are:

  • Metabolism slowing down. Cutting down on calories and exercising naturally cause weight loss – our metabolism slows down to prevent starvation (that is what our body thinks is happening). But you don’t need to worry: if you go on maintaining the same way of life which has led to positive changes in your body, you will start losing weight again after this short or not-so-short period of being “stuck”. When the weight stays the same, the body may be experiencing other positive changes like getting better shape, muscle tone and more strength.
  • “Starvation mode”. You might unknowingly have sent your body to the so-called starvation mode, when you are not overweight but unhappy with several extra pounds. A person is already healthy and just wants to look better, so he or she tries to lose more weight and fails. In this case you have to increase the number of calories, that is, eat more for a couple of days. Then return to your usual regime and watch the changes: your body will get off the “starvation mode” and start functioning as usual.

View ?2: You Can Cope with It

Other experts argue that weight loss plateau is not natural. Well, it might be called “natural” in the same way as ignorance and laziness are natural in human beings. It means that this phenomenon can and should be avoided so that you lose your weight gradually but without any unpleasant obstacles on the way. According to these specialists, the causes of the plateau are:

  • Wrong workout plan. It’s a bad idea to repeat the same routine in the gym. The body gets used to it and what worked a month ago is not working now. It’s necessary to do something new every couple of weeks: change exercises and machines or join new sports. Don’t forget about heavy lifting sessions, and from time to time change long and tedious cardio sessions into short but intensive sprint interval trainings.
  • Wrong diet. When you gave up junk food and your body has lost some weight, it doesn't mean you have done enough. You have to create a real and healthy calorie deficit to make the body continue losing weight. Most of experts agree that if you are not keeping track of what you are consuming, you start hitting the plateau or even gaining some weight again. Also, you need to pay attention to the food which is really important and eat no less than 5 times a day.

So, if you don't have any medical problems and made every effort to organize your diet and exercise according to specialists' recommendations but still hit the plateau, it might mean that your body just needs time to adjust to new conditions. Do not worry and carry on with your new way of life.


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