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Diet pills and weight loss

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Diet pills and weight loss

The use of diet pills, also known as anti-obesity drugs or weight loss pills has increased to a very high level over the last few years and they are used in enormous quantities all around the world. However, the efficacy and aftereffects of these drugs are still questionable and researches have not proved these drugs capable enough to impart a good impact in getting rid of obesity.

Orlistat is the most common that is used as a prototype drug in this category of pills. Other herbal pills are also available in market. You may ask yourself, Are diet pills a really good idea to decrease weight?''. The answer lies in analyzing the pros and cons whatever diet pill you have in mind and understanding how this drug works in your body and in achieving weight loss.

Understanding diet pills

The following are some factors that should be considered prior to purchase:

Research data: The effectiveness of diet pills still requires further scrutiny to be considered as solid weight loss drugs. Studies today, lack sufficient proof and understanding regarding how these pills work and how they will help in weight loss.

Mechanism of diet drugs' action: As mentioned above, limited research is available on diet pills. Only a few drugs have been known to be studied extensively in pharmacological settings while others are just being used depending upon the hit and run method. The generalized principle is that they affect certain neurotransmitters in brain and alter their concentrations in such a way that hunger is effectively reduced.

Variations in effects: These drugs have been shown to vary depending on body built of the consumers. The pills have been demonstrated to be effective in people with severe obesity and a BMI of more than 30. Diet pills that have been studied have little or no effect on mildly obese people.

Side effects: This is the most important factor to be considered. Although many drugs available in market claim to be risk-free, it is important to bear in mind that OTC drugs are not thoroughly tested. The diet pills that have been tested have shown remarkable side effects on the body, including insomnia, tachycardia, headache, constipation, and sweating, just to name a few. The phenomenon of tolerance and addiction is also present to some part in these drugs. Some pre-existing disorders such as heart problems may become aggravated by use of these drugs.

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How to lose weight the right way

When you hear someone saying losing weight fast, it usually involves a pill or a fad diet. The best approach is to dismiss such ideas and embrace realistic ways of losing weight. Sure, it will take some time, but it will not cause any side effects and it will only give you positive results.

  1. Ditch liquid calories

Liquid calories, or sodas, fizzy drinks, alcohol, and sugary drinks can impact your waistline quite rapidly. By eliminating these drinks, depending on how much of liquid calories you consume, you may be able to shed 1 to 3 pounds in just 7 days.

If you need to add some flavor to your drinks, adding fresh lemon, mint or berries may make a refreshing drink. Green tea is also a good option.

  • Consume foods rich in fiber

Get rid of white products such as white flour, bread, rolls and pastas and consume fiber-rich foods such as whole grains and fruits. Use whole grain bread to make your sandwiches instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white.

  • Exercise regularly

You may hear people telling you that dieting is all you need for weight loss, but dieting will not give you long-term results. Exercise for most days of the week for at least 30 minutes and you will effectively lose weight and reduce your chances of chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Studies show that exercise also elevates the mood.


The diet pills are proved effective only in severe obesity cases, or in conditions, such as diabetes, so all the aspects must be considered before using them.

Diet pills and weight loss

Diet pills and weight loss