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Eating Disorders Symptoms And Treatment

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Eating Disorders Symptoms And Treatment

Here are some signs and symptoms that may clarify whether or not a person suffers from an emerging or existing eating disorder:

The person present a history of multiple weight loss diets, which may alternate with periods of overnutrition or total lack of alimentation.

The urge to lose weight even if the person is underweight.

Desire to skip meals when loved ones are persistent in meal or if a person lies that he has eaten earlier, or in another place to sneak away and not eat.

Consuming lots of food during mealtimes and vomiting afterwards in order to remove them.

Use of laxatives, diuretics, diet pills, not to gain weight.

A person’s desire to hide when they eat at night.

Pain in the stomach, diarrhea, constipation or other gastrointestinal problems.

Physical activity that lasts for hours.

Extreme changes in mood.

Expressing the desire to die or to kill a person because she is not happy.

Dealing with interpersonal difficulties in taking decisions, social isolation, impaired concentration, memory and sleep;

Eating Disorders


Presence of chest pain, heart, throat, muscle cramps, dental problems, feeling cold. If you notice any of these symptoms in a known person, try to understand, aid him and try not to blame. Initially the sick persons may feel that others want to control their lives and feel ashamed thinking that people will find them skinny. You should not give even if the problem is denied by the sick person.

How to overcome eating disorders

A treatment which involves a team of professionals (therapists, nutritionists, health professionals) can provide the best solutions to overcome eating disorders. When health problems are chronic or acute, hospitalization or intensive rehabilitation programs may be required. When it is for the benefit of the patient, family and loved ones support can provide a better prognosis in terms of recovery. Discovering the real problems that are underlying the condition may be needed, with qualified assistance. Early intervention for these kind of problems is very important.

How can I avoid eating disorders?

The restless, misinformation, lack of time, consumption of too many snacks or fast-food meals can jeopardize a person’s health. It would be advisable to cook as many dishes and meals to be taken with the whole family.The parents are encouraged to conice children to do as much exercise as possbile, to teach them some basic facts about nutrition and to inform them as much as possible. Researchers have confirmed that children who participate in family meals perform better in school and are less likely to use drugs or alcohol. Children who acquire healthy habits at an early age, were less likely to exhibit eating disorders.