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Getting Rid of Sweaty Palms in Simple Steps

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Do you find it embarrassing when you shake hands with other people only to find out your palm is sweating profusely? This is not an isolated case as many experience this kind of problem when it comes to clammy hands. The moisture your hands leave after touching something or your desk showing traces of your sweaty palms shows how embarrassing and disgusting it is.

Clammy hands are different from the regular sweat our body produces while doing strenuous activity. What makes up most of our sweat glands is what you call the eccline glands. This gland is said to be specifically concentrated on the palms, forehead and the feet. When they are stimulated, they release an excessive fluid that should control the body temperature in which in other cases the reason behind your sweaty palms. People who have dealt with  sweaty palms for the longest time have learned to adjust to it, thus ignoring the nuisance it sometimes cause.

How to get rid of sweaty palms:

  • Regularly soaking your hand in water with used tea bags will help reduce the sweat in your palms. The tannic acid that is present in teas will help dry out your palms. Doing this everyday for more than a week will help reduce the risk of getting sweaty palms.
  • Apply antiperspirant in your palm. This is not necessarily a deodorant. You can apply powder or lotion with antiperspirant capability. Make sure they are not scented to leave the hand, looking and smelling normal.
  • Drysol is an antiperspirant agent but can only be acquired through a doctor's prescription. This type of antiperspirant is known to have a side effect that is why it is very important to consult your doctor before proceeding.
  • Believe it or not, sweaty palms are also caused by hormonal changes as well as emotional stress. If you think you suffer from these types of changes, you might need to see a therapist in order to help you adjust and maintain a balance disposition.
  • Wash your hands regularly. For you to able to avoid the back of your hand to get dry and scaly, use regular soap to wash your palms by rubbing them together and wash the back of your hands with plain water.
  • You can also bring with you a hand sanitizer, the one that doesn't contain excessive moisturizer.
  • Always bring with you a handkerchief or a tissue paper that you can use to wipe off the sweat on your palms.
  • Sprinkling baby powder or baking soda will help dry your palms.
  • Foot powder is another solution for a sweaty palm. Sprinkle just a little of it on your palms and you'll that it works better than a regular powder in absorbing sweat from your hands.

Treatments options for sweaty palms


When the sympathetic nervous system is very active and stimulates the sweat glands too much, they will produce more sweat than is needed to regulate the body’s temperature. While no one is sure why the sympathetic nervous system sometimes acts this way, different treatments can calm down all the activity. Aside from the home remedies mentioned above, there are other solutions available to help you get rid of sweaty palms. Some people lose hope about getting permanent treatment for their sweaty palms. Regardless of the condition, there have been numerous home remedies that are proven to be effective and they don't cost much for you to do at home.


A sage tea treatment,  for instance, is one of the cheapest ways you can reduce the occurrence of sweaty palms by dipping your hands in a sage tea solution for 30 minutes. By religiously doing this every night before sleeping, you will notice the big difference it will make to your sweaty palms. You can also opt to drink sage tea regularly. Past studies show that tomatoes can help cool down the body temperature. By drinking at least two glasses a day, you are aiding your body to a lower temperature causing your palms to stay dry and comfortable. The natural drying solution of the apple cider vinegar mixed with water reduces the sweat on the palms remains to be a popular home remedy for a sweaty palm.


Excessive sweating on the palm region of your hands is called Palmar hyperhidrosis.  People suffering from this kind of burden usually find this as interference in their daily activities. The most common problem they relate to clammy hands is the embarrassment when they shake hands with other people. The cause of sweaty palms can be categorized into two. It can be caused by intense emotional stress and your body adjusting to its temperature or what you call thermoregulation.


Prescription antiperspirants are usually the initial medication applied to palmar hyperhidrosis. This type of medication is a solution that is rubbed into the palms to prevent it from sweating. A botulinum injection on the other hand is the process of obstructing signal to the hand's nerves thus preventing it from producing sweat. Iontophoresis is the process of stimulating electrical shocks which numbs the sweat glands that disallows the formation of sweat on the palms.


The aforementioned treatments for sweaty palms are indicated based on studies and actual medical treatment performed by doctors. Not every person suffering from clammy hands is subject to said treatments as they may vary on the medical requirement.


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