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How Going Outside Makes You Healthier

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The great outdoors

Running at sunset on a sandy white beach in Florida, walking through a shallow, cool trickling stream in Meghalaya, watching the sun set over a sand dune in the Sahara or even hearing the wind blow through the trees outside your very own window in the morning “ can make you a healthier person.


These experiences don’t really fall short of explaining how “Nature leads one from joy to joy”- William Wordsworth.


Our connection with nature is lost in this never ending crusade to find a spot of recognition that cannot be filled by any substitute. Many researches and scientific studies have proven the worth of nature, which is not only beneficial to the body, but also to the mind.


Nature’s Healing Nature


The closer you are to nature, the healthier you’re likely to be. People who live closer a park or a wooded area or a green belt experience less anxiety and depression than people who live farther away from green or wooded space. In addition, people living in urban environments or modern cities have a higher percentage of anxiety disorder and depression.


Research proves that people who exercise in a natural green environment that is lush with foliage and landscapes, feel more at peace and calm than those who do the same in gyms or health clubs. Therefore, even if you have to drive a little distance to get that kick of nature, it’s definitely worth it!


So what is it about trees and shrubs that makes us so lively?


Let's talk about Vitamin D. While there are so many theories listed everywhere as to why nature does us so good and makes us healthier, one leading hypothesis is that increased outdoor activities increase our Vitamin D. We just keep learning more merits of vitamin D every second but do we know that it is actually for health. Vitamin D can prevent cancer, hormonal problems and obesity, prevent from inflammation, and build a strong immune system. Because sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, it only is logical to spend more time outside to increase your vitamin D intake.


Get Fresh With Nature


Being in natural surroundings comes naturally to all. You cannot doubt, even for a second, the miraculous effects that it has on your mood and though process. It can also help increase your quality of sleep. Exposure to natural sunlight sets your body’s internal clock right and it tells you when to eat and sleep, that normalizes hormonal functions during day and night. In addition, the importance of sleep is well known by all, not just for basic health, but also even for weight loss.


Being in nature doesn't have to be boring or a chore. It is fun. It is lively. It is a healing ritual. Therefore, you need to find reasons to get out. It can be an outdoor walk or jog, a swim at a nearby lake or even an outdoor date. You can even try gardening to zap some fat and boost your mood


Get your daily dose of green and you’re sorted. It won’t just keep you busy but happy with your business. Once you need the mud and get your knees dirty in the grass, you won’t need anything else. Take a walk among the shaded trees of the neighboring park, plan a vacation to the most natural and remote destinations, or pick up your car and start exploring the countryside, and witness your mood reflecting the changing colors of the sun as it courses through the sky.