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Sugar and fat loss

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If you are trying to lose fat, it is very important for you to know about sugar and the relationships sugar has with fat loss. If you want to lose fat, you will have to reduce or stop eating sugar. Let’s find out what is the relationship between sugar and fat loss.


Why is it necessary to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet if you’re trying to lose fat? When you eat healthy foods, they provide important nutrients along with the calories they contain. When you eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains, they provide you with vitamins, minerals and fibre. So, even though you’re getting some calories, you’re also getting important fuel and nutrients for your body so that they can maintain a healthy body. But when you consume candies, sweets, sodas, baked goods, sugary items your body does not receive any vitamins, minerals or fibre. It receives only calories. It means that when you eat sugary stuff, you are getting more calories without any benefit for your body.

Added sugars

Added sugars are very dangerous for you because they can cause different health problems. They can also completely destroy your weight loss program. Added sugars are available in different foods and drinks that we consume every day. Food manufacturers use sweeteners which is nothing but added sugar. It is used because it provides bulk, works as a preservative, maintains freshness, improves flavor and does other things. There are different types of sweetness available which are used by food manufacturers. Some of them are high fructose corn syrup, corn sweetener corn syrup, malt syrup, brown sugar, dextrose, fructose, fruit juice concentrates, honey, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose, molasses, invert sugar and raw sugar.

Naturally occurring sugars

There are naturally occurring sugars available which you probably consume every day. Such naturally occurring sugars are available in different forms. For example, fructose is present in fruit and lactose in milk. However, they generally cannot cause problems for your weight loss program because they are present in small amounts. So, even if you eat a diet of whole grain foods, vegetables and fruit, you will still get some naturally occurring sugars but they will not cause any problems for your weight loss efforts.

Reading the nutrition label

It is very important for you to read the nutrition label because that will help you to find out what is there in your food. It is not possible to remember all the names of different sweeteners used in food production. Simply read the labels and you will find out what sweeteners are used in that food. It will help you to find out which foods are high in sugar so that you can avoid them immediately. If you eliminate processed foods from your diet and go for fresh foods instead, it’ll be easier for you to reduce your sugar intake levels.

Always remember to read the label so that you can avoid all types of added sugars. Eliminate as many processed foods as you can from your diet and that will reduce a lot of sugars from going into your body. If you're working on a fat loss program, it becomes very important for you to watch your diet. Reading the labels will help you to find out what you are eating and if it does not help you to lose fat or it adds more fat to your body, you can immediately eliminate such foods. That simple step can help you to get rid of most of the processed foods and added sugars which will help you to achieve your objectives of losing fat.


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