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Meditate for relaxation

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When you meditate every day, it becomes easier for you to stay relaxed. Meditation, as everyone knows, helps in relaxation and it can be achieved easily and within a short time. If you steps will help you to meditate more easily so that you can relax yourself and achieve all the benefits that meditation has to offer.

Let’s find out how you can do that.

Find a peaceful place

This is the first step of meditation. You do not want to be disturbed when you are trying to meditate and relax yourself. You need a peaceful place for meditation because it becomes easier in such a place. If necessary you can place a do not disturb notice outside the door of your room during that period. If possible, find a peaceful secluded place where nobody can disturb you. Whether you are at home or somewhere else, do not forget to turn off your phones and any other sources of distraction.

Regular time

Meditation will become easier for you if you fix a regular time. Human beings are generally easy and as a human being you may find different types of excuses for not doing the meditation today or any other day. When you fix a specific time for meditation, it becomes a habit and easier to do something when that’s a habit for you. It may be a 15 minute session or maybe half an hour session or a session of any duration that you like but try to sit down at the same time each and every day for meditation.

Sit down

Never try to meditate lying down. There is possibility that you will fall asleep. When you comfortably sit down, the experience will be much better. You can sit down on the floor or in a comfortable chair. Also decide the material on which you are sitting down. It can be a good quality yoga mat or any other type of material that you feel comfortable in.


Always wear comfortable clothing while practicing meditation. During the cold days, ensure that you are warm enough. During the holidays, make sure that you are not perspiring or feeling too hot. If necessary, during the cold days you can use a meditation blanket so that it can feel cozy. The clothing should be according to the season and your comfort level.

Breathing exercise

On the most important aspects of meditation is breathing. You need to pay attention to your breathing. When the breath goes into your body and when it leaves, take notice of it. This will help you to relax and calm your mind. There are different breathing techniques available which will help you to meditate better and get more benefit from the sessions. In another technique, you can breathe in to account of 4, hold the breath for another count of 4 and then exhale for a count of 4. Create a rhythm of breathing to get more benefit. Breathe more deeply than your normal breathing pattern. When you breathe deeply and slow, it makes you more peaceful and relaxed.


Love is the key word here. You need to bring to your mind an image which will evoke a feeling of loving. You may think about anything or anyone that brings the feeling of love to your mind. Having this feeling while meditating will help you to feel better and read better benefits during the sessions.


Observation is very important during meditation because it will help you to increase your self-awareness and at the same time become aware of everything happening around and in your body.


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