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Let’s do a total body makeover

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If you are not happy with your body because of excess weight, excess fat, obesity, lack of muscles, lack of definition, lack of six pack abs or anything else, it is possible to do a total body makeover. You can achieve the body of your dreams when you know how to do it.

Decide your goals

For a total body makeover, you need to set your goals. It is important because different people might have different goals and so the same goals may not be applicable to other people. You decide what your total body makeover goals and what you want to achieve and what you want to lose. You need to decide whether you want to lose weight, lose fat, gain mores muscle, gain definition or get a six pack abs. Create a plan of action which you can follow to achieve your goals. At the same time, also setup a reward system so that you can reward yourself for achieving small goals and objectives which will motivate you further to try harder for bigger goals.

Working out regularly

If you wanted total body makeover, it is very important that you work out regularly. You will need to find a way of doing that each and every day. If you keep an exercise journal with you and write down whenever and what you exercise, that will help you to see what is helping new and what is not. That can be a base for you to decide what you can do and what you need to do.

You will need to exercise at least five days a week to ensure that you are doing the optimum things necessary to get the optimum results. The duration of the workouts and types of workouts may vary a lot depending on what you are out to achieve. But the consistency of five days exercise in a week is a discipline and habit that you will need to acquire set.

Focus on your core because a lot many exercises and the results will depend on the strength of your core. You can keep a day separately for the core or perform few cold exercises every day in your workout.

Decide what works best for you in exercising and keep doing that for more gains. Tweaking your workout will help you to gain more from them if you do it in the right direction.

Adopting healthy habits

It is very important for you to adopt some healthy habits if you want to completely transform your body and mind. For that dream body, you will need to make some changes in your life.

Always eat a balanced diet which includes plenty of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and plan proteins. Protein sources are very important for you. Whole grains are important because they will provide you with heart healthy fibre. Include lots of leafy green vegetables as they will provide you with much needed vitamins and minerals. A healthy breakfast is a must and you should not skip it. Reduce the amount of junk food you eat and if possible completely eliminate it. It is also important for you to eliminate processed foods that contains high amounts of sodium and sugars. Then not only bad for your overall health but they are also bad for your skin.

You will need to drink lots of water because it will help you by eliminating the toxins from your body. It will keep you healthy and will also help you to have clear and better skin.


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