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How To Build A Muscle For Better Fitness

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Athletic muscle

Athletic muscle

Getting fit is not all about losing weight. It is also about building more muscles for a healthier and fitter body. There are different ways to build muscle and sometimes it is difficult to define the best approach in exercise and nutrition to attain this goal. But the truth is, there is no single exercise or nutrition regimen that will work best for all. Every individual has a different need to keep fit and healthy, but there are general principles involved that work best in building muscles for better fitness. Try any of these principles below in order to define the best one that works for you.

Modify your exercise reps range

It is a common mistake to be exercising the same group of muscles for the same number of repetitions. The safe range to perform during exercise to build muscles is within the moderate level, however, it does not require one to keep the same bouts of reps throughout their exercise regimen. Using varying rep ranges is more useful than keeping within the moderate range. By keeping at a lower range of reps, you are building strength on your muscles to make it ready for doing heavier weight exercise later on. On the other hand, the higher number of reps increases the tension in your muscles, making it look fuller as it grows in size. To build your muscles, it is best to make a periodic change in your regimen. Doing moderate reps is alright, but make sure to mix it with lower and higher reps to build muscles more effectively.

Do not over train by overdoing cardio exercise

Fitness instructors noted that it is often difficult to build muscle when you are doing both a cardio training and resistance training. These exercises can result in different signals to the brain. Resistance training induces an anabolic process that helps build proteins in the muscles, thereby building it while cardio exercise induces the opposite, which is the catabolic process that helps in the occurrence of muscle wasting. Overdoing cardio exercises is not highly recommended when your fitness goal is to build muscle.

Feed the body right

There are certain foods that can give you the exact nutrition needed by the body for building muscles. The proper nutrition that is essential for muscle building include protein and carbohydrates. Protein shakes are effective in giving your body both nutritional values to help you attain your goal in building muscles. It is ideal to load the body with one gram of protein per pound of weight.

Workout group of muscles

It is highly recommended to work certain group of muscles together instead of working out isolated ones. Doing lifts for the group of muscles in the upper body, for instance, is better during a single session and working out the muscles in the lower part of the body in another session is a good approach in building muscle. By training a group of muscle will enable the body to release more hormones that can help stimulate muscle growth.

Change your usual training routine

Taking the same training routine is not helpful in building muscles. There is a need to change the number of times you take a rest, the reps you have to do and the kind of exercise that you perform. As you change your routines, keep a diary to track down your progress. Performing varieties of exercises will help prevent the muscle to become accustomed to doing the same movements, making the muscle more capable of resisting trauma. The different activities will also recruit various muscle fibers to become active for better muscle growth.

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