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Just when you step on the running track, that same guy with earphones passes you and it makes you wonder, can I as well?

What if I get tired? Or I injure myself? Or worse, embarrass myself? Every beginner is looking for that confidence and drive that will make them run a marathon like an athlete towards their fitness goals.


Many enthusiasts decide to run for various reasons, which could be to lose weight, overall fitness, run a marathon for a charity, a chance to socialize and meet new people, or maybe even to grab some fresh air and peace of mind in the park. Whatever be the reason, most runners, especially the beginners tend to face challenges that are common to everyone who decide to run:

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  • After that determined start, a couple of weeks go by and you start to lose faith in it because you don’t seem to be getting any better. Before you know it, you find other things to keep you occupied in the time that could have been used for running.


  • Any amount of physical discomfort or leg pain is usually the most common reason to put us off our track “ the running track that is.


  • Even after being regular in your running schedules, and actually enjoying it, you are not able to grow to the kind of stamina and speed levels that you always wanted despite the effort and then again negativity seeps in and disrupts your routine.


  • You just love the idea of being active and running as long as you want, but when it comes to actually doing it, something or the other comes up, a chore, a shopping list, a car repair or an office appointment, that keep you from making that run.


  • As soon as you start running, your face goes red, you start breathing so heavily as if you climbed the Everest and down and your legs give way over your iron shackled feet and you feel that you are about to fall down.



The Running Guide And Training Manual designed by experts sets out to correct all of the above deformities in your life once and for all in the following seven ways. Here is a glimpse of how our program is going to help you transform your life:


  • You will a get a simplified training program that can be employed and followed through to achieve the desired results within a time period.


  • It will also guide you to design your own training program according to your fitness levels.


  • This running guide and manual will help you improve tour fitness levels faster and through simple and yet advanced techniques that will always take you forward in your efforts for a fitter self.


  • You will learn all the pointers about running, jogging, sprinting and many training techniques right from the ‘grass root’ basics to preparing and completing your own program that will make you a racer.


  • This running guide and training manual for everyone will guide you to shop intelligently for the right fitness attire, shoes, gears and many other accessories, thus preventing you from overspending on futile things that could cause injuries.


  • You will get to know all the food types that you need to incorporate in your diet for long lasting strength, and boosting your health and monitoring your progress.


  • The signs of overtraining are explained in this manual to aid you better and also ways to counter fatigue through easy stretching exercises and schedules have been defined.


  • You will discover that there is a thing called the “feel good” factor that is accommodated in some of the programs that are only available through this special training manual.


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