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How to deal with your child’s bedwetting problem?

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Bedwetting also known as nocturnal enuresis is a common problem in kids. Often parents try to find a solution to this problem, but in vain. If you are finding it hard to cope with your kids' bedwetting problem then do understand that it is not easy for your kid either. Extra clothes to wash every day, definitely means extra work for you, but that is nothing compared to the emotional stress kids go through because of the problem. The fact is kids do not wet their bed intentionally; instead they feel a deep sense of embarrassment when it happens and it can severely hamper their self-esteem.

Statistics show that 75% of children till the age of three wet their bet every night. Gradually they do learn to stay dry all night, however it is seen that about 10% kids till the age of five still face the problem and about 2% children wet the bed even by the age of 15. There are many reasons why kids wet the bet. It is believed that this tendency run in families, it might be passed on through the genes. Some are also of the opinion that kids who grows up in an economically disadvantaged family have a greater tendency to wet the bed. Kids also wet the bed when they are stressed and worried. There are some medical conditions as well like sickle cell anemia, juvenile diabetes, urinary tract infections, etc., that can be responsible for this tendency.

As a parent you should do everything possible, to help your kid deal with the bed wetting problem. It is likely that with age the problem will disappear by itself, but until then here is what you can do to help.

–         First thing that you need to do is tell and reassure your kid that there is nothing to be ashamed about. Tell her/him that at this age bedwetting is quite normal and gradually she/he will grow out of it. If you know of any elder in the family who faced this problem as a child, tell your kid about them. It might help them in some way.

–         Ensure that you provide your kid a stress free environment to grow. Spend some quality time with them, give them your undivided interest and make them feel loved.

–         Let your kid have more fluids during the day and limit it at night. Giving them soft drinks is not a good idea. This is because they contain caffeine which increases the urine production in their body thereby aggravating their bedwetting problem.

–         Make sure to remind your child to go to the toilet before going to bed. If you sleep later then, wake him up once for going to toilet before you go to sleep.

–         If needed, you can wake up your child twice or thrice in a night to make him go to the toilet. However, note that this doesn't seem to work very well with everyone.

–         Explain your child in simple words as to why it happens. When he knows the reason, he may not feel as bad about it. For example, you can tell him that the bladder where the urine is stored is not big enough to store the urine all day. When he grows up, the bladder will grow as well and then he will not face this problem anymore.

It is seen that the problem of bed wetting vanishes with time. However, meanwhile their self-esteem and confidence may be harmed. Hence, as a parent you should do all it takes to make them feel better. The good thing is that when the problem of bed wetting stops, usually the self-confidence and self-esteem of the child returns.

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