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3 Things to Know About Near-Infrared Light Therapy

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Near-infrared light therapy is a kind of treatment that utilizes a specific light wavelength range to affect healing. The near-infrared light is bioactive in human beings; meaning that this type of wavelength affects the functioning of the body at the cellular level. When used appropriately, it will bring amazing benefits to your health. However, before setting out for the near-infrared treatment, there are three essential things that you need to know:


1) It Results In Actual Healing

Near-infrared therapy utilizes various wavelengths to help your body recover and function optimally. It penetrates deep into the skin and starts to activate biological systems of the affected cells. The light interacts with chromophores, which are receptor proteins. This starts the process of maximum performance of all cell functions.

Also, some particular proteins in the mitochondria will enhance cell respiration. This mitochondrial process of the electron transport chain reduces electron leakage. This leads to the production of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress. Ultimately, the natural systems will enhance the healing of the body and your healthy living goals will be realized. With this type of infrared light therapy, you can regain your happiness in a safe and customer-oriented environment.


2) It Is Safe, But Caution Is Important

One of the major concerns of most patients is how safe is the therapy. The mention of infrared scares some but it should not. The treatment approach is safe as the sun is estimated to have about 40% of its wavelength as near infrared. We enjoy the sunshine and the production of vitamin D for a healthy body. That affirms the safety of the therapy and thus you should not fear seeking treatment in reputable institutions that prioritize your health. There are some safety measures that you should attain as you undergo treatment. For example, the near infrared glare has a high spectrum that can affect your eyesight. As such, you need to wear protective glasses when the treatment surrounds your face. There are also some precautionary measures for pregnant women and patients with certain health conditions such as cancer and hemorrhage and those on immunosuppressive drugs. When you employ the caution, you will enhance your benefit level. Otherwise, your health may be compromised in negligence or ignorance.


3) Diverse Wavelengths Are Used

Perhaps you are wondering what happens if your health condition is just a few inches deep. Well, for each case, there is an ideal near-infrared wavelengths. The near-infrared can penetrate up to 3.9 inches into the skin to enhance functionality. However, if you just want a skin-deep therapy, then the practitioners will use a lower wavelength. A higher wavelength where it is not needed can be counterproductive. The wavelengths should remain within the ideal range for physical healing and detoxification. However, when you use the unnatural LEDs light sources you will harm your body. That is why finding legitimate practitioners who will use the right wavelength that is not superficial is extremely important.