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Beauty for Less: 4 Non-Surgical Treatments That Make An Impact

Non surgical treatment

The rich and/or famous have the benefit of having enough money in the bank to pay for cosmetic surgery procedures to perfect their looks, remove the signs of aging or indulge themselves in a powerful and potent treatment. For us mere mortals, getting a face lift, or any other surgical procedure would put a dent in our bank accounts especially because the procedures are classified as elective and aren't covered by health insurance.

Just because you can't afford a surgical procedure, doesn't mean you can't get a high impact treatment to help you live your best and beautiful life. This is where non-surgical procedures come in. The non-surgical space has changed so much since the time of Botox. There's so much more on the market now. The same surgeons who do facelifts and brow lifts also offer treatments that don't cost as much as surgery. We've discovered beauty dupes of expensive products, so why wouldn't we also find non-surgical, faster and more affordable ways to solve some of our biggest beauty and skin concerns?

What's also great about them is unlike surgery, there aren't any long healing periods or worrying about going under general anesthesia. Many of these can even be done over your lunch break or in an afternoon! So what non-surgical treatments can you get for maximum results? Here's a list of some of my favorite ones.


As we age, one of the things that starts to change is the elasticity of our skin. Over time, it loses its plumpness and we can notice it in our hands, foreheads, eyes and most noticeably, our chins and necks. Usually a face lift procedure can solve this by removing the excess skin, therefore tightening the area. The only snag is it can be quite expensive, and requires you to take time off work to recover.

Did you know that there's an injectable product that can help you improve your neckline without surgery? According to Zenn Plastic Surgery the treatment is a series of injections that eliminate the fat areas under your chin. It helps to better define the appearance of your jawline for a slimmer, younger look. There is no surgery involved, no incisions, and no stitches. It is not a temporary procedure that needs to be repeated; once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.


Our skin is our body's protective barrier against the elements, but that means it also gets affected by those elements. Our skin ends up with layers of dirt and grime from everything it comes in contact with. This can ultimately start to show on our skin's surface resulting in dullness, dryness, pimples and wrinkles. No amount of everyday exfoliating products can remedy this. This is where dermaplaning comes in. This is a treatment, performed by a dermatologist, during which a specialized scalpel is used to scrape the skin to remove those layers and allow your beautiful glowing skin to shine through. This is a procedure that can be done quickly in an afternoon, and you can get it regularly done to make sure your skin maintains this new glow!

Micro needling

Like dermaplaning, micro needling has become a highly sought-after surgical procedure because it's relatively quick and doesn't have as much recovery time as cosmetic surgery. In this skin regeneration procedure, an electronic device is used to create very minor micro-injuries. In response to this and in an attempt to heal itself, your skin releases a growth factor that triggers the growth of collagen. It's a treatment that can help resolve acne scarring, sun damage, and pigmentation. It's also worth considering if you want to shrink pore size, and generally improve the texture of your skin.

Taking care of our skin is an everyday job. We wash our faces with great products, we invest in the best creams and serums to keep our skin hydrated, we wear sunscreen to make sure UV rays don't damage the skin and lead to skin cancer. Sometimes we need something that boosts all the products we use regularly. Very often our skin needs a little help to make sure the products we invest in actually work to their maximum abilities. If for various reasons, surgery isn't the best option for us, that doesn't mean we can't do anything. For some people surgery is too high a risk, too expensive, or they just don't have time for the the recovery, but don't worry. Medicine and dermatology have advanced so much that a beauty treatment that gets done in an afternoon can also have a high impact on how you look and how you feel.