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Everyday weightlifting mistakes that stop muscle building

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If you're trying to build muscle, you need to lift weights. Different types of weightlifting exercises and workouts are available which can help you to build more and more muscle. That should be the case but because of some everyday mistakes, even though you are training hard, you do not build more muscle. These mistakes prevent you from building more muscle even though you have the capability of doing so. By correcting these mistakes, it'll be easier for you to build more and better muscle.

Focusing on high rep burnout workouts

Many people who are trying to build muscle through weightlifting often make this mistake. They always go for higher reps and try to perform as many reps possible while performing an exercise. Even people who are not newbie and who hit an unbreakable plateau, try to build muscle by emphasising higher rep ranges. The higher rep ranges may include 8 to 10 and 10 to 12 reps per set. Instead of increasing the number of reps, it is more important to increase the weight. If you want to build more muscle, heavy lifting is what you need. Increasing the number of reps will not help you to build muscle. Shift your focus on weightlifting to heavy which may mean 4 to 6 or 5 to 7 rep range or 80 to 85% of 1 RM. There should be heavy pulling, pushing and squatting and your body will change dramatically. It will not only help you to build more muscle, it will also increase your strength and will improve your overall proportions.

Doing lots of isolation exercises

This is another big mistake many people make. Many people prefer to do isolation works and they keep doing it for a longer duration without any results. And isolation exercises is an exercise that involves one muscle group. Instead of isolation exercises which target only a specific part of the body, you need to perform compound exercises. These compound exercises involve multiple muscle groups. Try to reduce isolation exercises in your workout and increase compound exercises. Some of the most important compound exercises include deadlifts, squat, bench press and military press which will help you to build a big, strong physique. It doesn't mean that you have two completely eliminate all the isolation exercises because they have their places in the workout but to build muscle, you need more compound exercises.

Ascending pyramid training

This is another mistake that many of the weightlifters do while trying to build more muscle. In ascending pyramid training, the weight used by the weightlifters keeps on increasing gradually as the different sets of exercises arrive in the workout. However, this is a big mistake because by the time you reach the heavy weight, you are already fatigued from the previous sets. Now if you cannot perform the sets with heavyweight as you should be or if your technique is not correct or if you cannot perform the required number of reps with the heavy weight because you're already fatigued, then how can you expect to build more muscle. If you can barely move the weight, how can you expect to sufficiently overload your muscles?

Progressive tension overload is the most powerful driver of muscle growth. If you want to get bigger, you will have to get stronger. Ascending pyramid is horrible for building strength. Progressive overload is necessary at the point where additional strength requires bigger muscle fibres.

Is always better to do the heavy lifting initially and as you become fatigued, gradually decrease the weight.


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