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Muscle building tips for beginners

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The following tips will help you to build muscles, if you are a beginner bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.



Sleep is very important for building muscles. If you not sleeping enough, you will not be able to build muscles. Whether you are taking lot many protein shakes or you are working out for a longer duration, nothing will help you if you are not able to sleep properly and for the duration required. You may need 7 to 10 hours of sleep depending on your body type. You grow when you sleep. Your growth will be hampered, recovery, and energy levels, mental acuity and hormone levels will suffer if you do not sleep for the required time.


One of the most basic but the most important thing that you will need to do is to eat. How much and which foods you are consuming can make a huge difference. That's why, you need to know what you should eat and how much you need to eat. You will need 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight and then gradually you will need to increase it. Eggs, steak, whole milk, cottage cheese, salmon, Kefir, ground beef are some of the important sources of protein for you. Even though people may talk about soya proteins or bean and rice combos, but animal proteins will help you more. You will need to consume saturated fats and cholesterol to become stronger and to keep your testosterone levels higher.

You will need high quality animal proteins as protein sources. Avoid heavy fat foods such as cheese, bacon, hot dogs, mayonnaise and fast food etc. because they will fully your system with fat and not much protein and they will also force you to skip your next meal. You also need to avoid the fast food meats. You will need 40 to 50 g of protein in five meals per day. That can be your starting goal and you can progress from there. Once your metabolism increases, you can eat more food. It is always good to start with what you can eat and then gradually progress from there. Your diet should include more protein and fats and you will also need some carbohydrate so as to prevent catabolism. Oatmeal is, rice and potatoes are healthy and good for you. You will need to gradually increase the number of calories you are eating to increase your mass and muscle.

Drink water

Drink more water if you really want to get more muscle. Water along with a little bit of salt can help you tremendously. It will not only keep your body hydrated but will also help you to improve your metabolism and digests most of the food that you eat. Drinking enough water is very essential because if you do not drink the necessary amount, it will be very difficult for you to add more mass and muscle to your body.

Lift hard

Without lifting how can you expect to get more mass and muscle? In the gym you break down muscle tissue and the growth will come from your recovery phase. So, eating and sleeping is very important. Lifting is also important to activate your muscles. You should focus on lifting heavy weights for a few sets. Multi-joint muscle building exercises like squats, dips, deadlifts, chins, and bench are some of the exercises that you should always include in your lifting program. You need to lift for an hour a few times a week and that will help you to grow bigger. All you need to do is consistently lift hard and ensure your eating and sleeping programs are on the track.

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