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Drink, Shot, or Tablet: Which Type of Energy Supplement is Right for You

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There are a variety of energy supplement products on the market. The right choice depends on a combination of your needs and personal preferences. For sports athletes, a quick boost of energy helps to prepare for competition. Students improve mental alertness and focus to help with their studies. When you are working or driving long hours, keeping awake and alert can be important to your safety. Energy drinks, shots, and tables all work to trigger natural reactions in your body to provide you with these benefits, but which of these energy supplements is the right one for you?


Energy Drinks

Drinks Energy Supplement

Drinks Energy Supplement

These can be found in the refrigerated section of just about any convenience or grocery store. They come a variety of flavors and sizes. In addition to giving you that extra energy you need, they are refreshing to drink that can be enjoyed along with a quick snack.

Most of these drinks are packed with essential vitamins and formulated amino acids. This mixture of substances triggers your body’s natural metabolic responses in order to achieve the desired results. Regular consumption of some of these drinks can even help to compensate for certain vitamin deficiencies and provide you with other long term health benefits.

Energy Shots

Like the energy drinks, these are a liquid form of energy  supplement. They are smaller and more compact than the full sized energy drink cans. Instead of having to drink an entire beverage, the energy enhancing effects you need can be obtained with just one shot. You can find an entire package of energy shots for sale, or purchase them individually.

Energy shots are much more portable than energy drinks. They don’t weigh down your sports bag or collide with your other personal items when you are traveling. They are small enough that you can easily store several of them in your locker or vehicle so that they are ready when you need them. They are formulated to provide you with energy by combining caffeine and other metabolic chemicals rather than sugar. They are low in calories and carbohydrates which is important if you are on a special diet.

Energy Tablets

While energy drinks and shots are popular, not everyone likes the taste. Fortunately energy supplements are also available in pill form. Unlike the shot or drink, you need a source of liquid to go with the tablets. For those who prefer to drink only water but still need a little boost throughout the day, these pills are a good alternative. They have almost no calories and are formulated to provide a specific energy enhancing result. Some of these pills give you energy immediately, but there are others that are designed to release energy enhancing substances into your metabolism over a period of time. Take one tablet in the morning, and enjoy the effects of these supplements all day long.