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The 5 biggest strength training mistakes beginners make

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Expert and gifted bodybuilders and athletes make mistakes while undergoing strength training. It takes time to reach the top and in the journey, they make not many mistakes. As a beginner in strength training, you are also likely to make some mistakes. If you know about them, it’ll be easier for you to avoid them and get better results.


The five biggest strength training mistakes beginners make are-

1. Taking a haphazard approach

When you want to increase your strength and become more powerful, you cannot just take any haphazard approach. He cannot simply lift weights and expect to become stronger. You cannot just go to the gym and start lifting heavy weights, dumbbells and barbells and go for high reps and expect that everything that you are doing will help you to make you stronger and bigger.

You need a program. You need to how a basic program is constructed. You need to understand Different parameters involved in any program. As a beginner, you can choose a specific training program or start following a programming philosophy. It will help you to create your own program and get the maximum out of your efforts.

2. Forgetting the primary goal

If you want the best results from your efforts, then you need to have some goals and you need to keep them in sight. You cannot keep changing the purpose of your training. You need to have a definite goal. You cannot decide to bench 300 in one month than in the next month decide to reduce your body fat to the minimum level possible. You can jump from one goal to another. You need to stick to your goal because it takes some time to achieve that.

3. Ignoring the signals of your body

When you want to become powerful, it is important that you also understand the signals of your body. You cannot simply keep working harder or training more. You need to understand the subtle signals of your body. If you cannot understand them, you will and up injuring yourself.

If you have a physical problem or a medical condition, you need to keep that in mind while devising your program. If your exercise is making you sore, it means you probably need to drop that exercise and add something else. If you keep ignoring such signs, ultimately it will derail your progress and you will find injuries setting in. Try to see the messages before it’s too late.

4. More push but little pull

This is at size that will help you to save your shoulder. You need to balance your workout. If you press too much, but do not pull enough to balance it, it may result in an unbalanced upper body. It may also result in hunched, rounded shoulders. Doing more pulling movements in comparison to pushing movements will help you to have a better shoulder and balanced body.

5. Less warm-ups

You need a proper warm-up before you go for lifting anything. Just swinging your body or swinging a plate a few times does not complete your warm-up. You need to warm your body before you go for any other exercises using weights in the gym. If you do not perform the necessary warm-up, it is a sure strategy for injury.

You need a good warm-up because it will increase your body temperature, lubricate the joints, wake of the normal system and also improve the capacity to move. Take some time and warm up properly using some dynamic movements before you start your workout.


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