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5 effective tips to become taller

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The following simple ways can help you to increase your height. They will also help people who are more than 18 years old.


1. Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal and it is also important for increasing your height and become taller. Whether you are at home or in the gym, do carry some food with you. You should not exercise on an empty stomach. You can at least have a protein bar or a fruit before you embark on your workout. You should never skip breakfast because this is not at all healthy and it can impair your growth. When you have the right breakfast, it boosts your metabolism and it also helps you grow taller.

You can have cereals like oats in your breakfast. Along with oats, you can add milk and dry fruits. Eggs are very beneficial for you because they offer vitamin D. It also helps you to absorb calcium, which is necessary for increasing the strength of your bones and increasing your height. Fiber rich fruits like bananas, apples and strawberries are good for you in the breakfast. If you have a problem of lactose intolerance, you can try fresh yoghurt and protein rich soy milk. Whatever you eat in the breakfast, should contain protein, vitamin D and calcium because these are the elements which will help you in becoming taller.

2. Exercise and yoga

When you want to grow taller, exercise is a very important factor. It helps you to grow taller by working on your body. A few simple exercises such as skipping, stretching your body, standing on your toes, hanging from an overhead bar can be a part of your daily exercise routine. You can also engage in basketball, swimming, football and other such sports activities, because they will help you to grow taller. Yoga is also very effective. Especially if you are trying to become taller after 18 years of age, yoga can help you tremendously.

Exercise and yoga are useful because they offer you a good posture and alignment besides firming the legs and stressed out muscles of your body. The core of yoga is made of spine lengthening and good posture, which will help you to look taller. The mountain pose, Suryanamaskar or Sun salutation are some of the good yoga poses that will help you to increase height and stay fit.

3. Right nutrition

Proper nutrition is very important for a healthy body and it is also important when you want to grow taller. It is seen that many people cannot reach their maximum height because of inadequate nutrition. For the right nutrition, you need to have a balanced diet. Your diet should contain the essential nutrients because they will work as the stimulus for increasing the height naturally. You food items should also offer you zinc, manganese and phosphorus because they are important for growth of your body. They help in building the bone tissue and boost your height naturally.

4. Adequate sleep and rest

You need adequate sleep and rest because it is very vital to your overall growth and development. Teenagers need 8 to 11 hours of sleep to grow better. During your sleep, your body continues to grow and regenerate tissues. That is why you need to have adequate rest and sleep if you want to grow taller.

5. Practice good posture

A good posture is very important when you are looking to grow taller. Good posture help you to grow better and look taller. You need to keep your head and neck aligned and sit in a straight posture.

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