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Tips On How to Grow Taller and Increase Your Height

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Grow taller

Height as we all know is a great factor in determining physical attributes of a person. The taller you are, the better the conception you get from other people. Sad but true. So how would you feel if you are the smallest among your friends? Or if your youngest sibling is taller than you are? Believe it or not, some people are so insecure about their height that they'll do anything to grow taller. Truth be told, the height of an individual is greatly influenced by their genes, however, this is not the only factor that affects the height increase of an individual. Some factors that can help increase your height include healthy eating habit, exercise and random techniques to help you grow taller.

Today, there are various ways you can do to increase your height, but these things can only do so much as to contribute. Your genes will still determine your height and can only be minimally changed  considering the following tips. Always remember, an individual's best chance of maximizing his height potential has been through their childhood,  teenage years and puberty. Otherwise, growth potential starts to slow down and takes a toll.

What are the natural ways to grow taller?

  • Balanced and healthy diet: A person who can keep his or her body lean and muscled normally projects a taller appearance. If you noticed, people with normal height, but with heavier built tend to look like they're shorter than their normal size.
  • Keep your body active by exercising regularly. Teenagers are at their highest rate of growth during puberty period. Physical activities such as running and other sports will help enhance their physical appearance and stimulates growth hormones.
  • The right amount of sleep can also help in contributing height increase. When a person is asleep, especially during the night time, his body tissues will recuperate and will be able to function even better in the next day. This process will help his body relax and improve over the years. Avoid stressing yourself, especially in situations you absolutely have no control over. Most of all during your sleep, try not using a pillow and lay down straight on the bed. This will keep your backbone in check.
  • Avoid smoking: Long term smoking leads to permanent damages on tissues and part of a person's internal organs. If this happens, there's less chance of helping your body reach its full growth potential.
  • Steroid intake and administration can greatly affect an individual's growth as they are one of the most notorious element when it comes to bone growth.
  • Realize that your genes are the primary reason for your height. You can only do so much to increase your height. It is also important to know that there is an age limit for an individual’s physical growth. Once a person reaches that age his growth rate will slow down and eventually stop.
  • The effect of caffeine in our system is not totally connected to an individual's growth. However, excessive intake of caffeine will prevent you from sleeping thus sacrificing the hours your body is supposed to be resting.

Some factors that affect your height can also depend on your physical posture and fashion style. While there are natural ways you can increase your height, there are also physical attributes that can greatly influence your height problem.

How to calculate your supposed normal height:


Research shows how you can determine your probable height by following this process:

  • Add both your parents’ height and get its total.
  • Add another 5 inches if you're a male and subtract 5 inches if you're a female
  • Divide it by 2 and that should be your normal height

Getting taller and improve your height

If you want instant results and can't wait long years to achieve your desired height, the following can help you accomplish becoming taller:

  • Maintain a good posture. Avoid slopping and practice straightening your back whether you're seated or standing. Prolonged slopping can cause permanent curve in the upper part of your spine, making you look smaller than your normal height.
  • Wear high heels shoes if you can for women and padded shoes for men. This will not only make you look taller, but elegant as well.
  • Tighter clothes make you look slimmer. Regardless of your body built, wearing tighter clothes can enhance your body's shape thus making you look taller than your normal height. Loose clothes will make you look heavier.
  • Exposing your legs will also make you look taller. For women, they can opt to wear shorts or skirt instead of pants and warmers to give the illusion that they have long legs.
  • Wearing clothes with vertical designs have been one of the oldest rules in giving your body slimmer feature. Clothes with horizontal lines will make you look huge and shorter.

A person can also choose to have medically induced process make him taller or go under the knife and proceed with a surgery. Surgery can consist of mild restricting of bones and joints, especially in your leg part to achieve a certain height. This procedure cannot guarantee best results, but they can add up to an individuals height increase.

Nevertheless, your best option is still the natural way. Apply the mind over matter, saying, and accept your true physical condition. After all, height does not define your capability to function properly in the society.

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