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How to grow taller fast

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The answer to how to grow taller fast is very important for people who feel they are shorter than normal and want to grow taller. Even people who are of the standard height want to know how to grow taller fast so that they can be a little taller and look better.


A Balanced diet

You will need a balanced diet if you want to grow taller fast. For that, you need to eat plenty of lean proteins. There are different sources for lean proteins. Some of them include fish, white poultry meat, dairy, soy etc. Why do you need lean protein? Lean proteins will help you by growing your bones healthy and increasing muscle growth.

Some things that you should not eat include cakes, pizza, soda, sweets etc.

You will also need lots of calcium because calcium helps in bone growth and maintenance. Where do you find calcium? You will find it in leafy green vegetables and in dairy products. Such vegetables include spinach and kale. In case of daily, you can eat milk and yoghurt. Calcium will make your bones stronger and that is what you need when you want to grow taller fast.

Zinc is essential for you because in case of zinc deficiency, stunted growth is seen in case of boys. And you do not want that. You will find zinc in pumpkin, wheat germ, oysters, lamb, peanuts, crab and squash. You will also need vitamin D because a deficiency of vitamin D can result in stunted growth besides it may also cause weight gain especially in teenage girls. Vitamin D is available in foods like alpha alpha, fish and mushroom.


Exercise is very important for you when you want to grow taller. Couch potatoes and young people who do not exercise are often fat, obese and short in size. Throughout the teen years and puberty, you should regularly exercise because it will help you to increase your height. It is also considered that jumping exercises like dancing, skipping help more to grow taller. When you work on your muscles, they grow stronger. When you exercise you have a better health and do not have any medical condition that may affect your height. You can also start playing any specific sports. Besides burning extra calories it will also keep you healthy and fit. Exercise and sports will help you by also increasing the hormones necessary for your growth and you can expect to grow taller with more growth hormones.

Sleep well

Even though it may seem not directly related to growing taller fast but getting adequate sleep is also important for your efforts to grow taller. During your sleep, your body grows and regenerates different tissues. Besides that the brain also release is human growth hormone when you're sleeping. Without adequate sleep, the production of HGH will be low and your growth will be impacted. If you are growing teen, you will need at least eight hours of rest. If you like to sleep, that is a good thing because it will help you to grow taller. Even if you do not like to sleep for a longer duration, make sure you are getting eight hours of rest every night. There are different things that you can do such as creating a conducive sleeping environment, avoiding drinking caffeinated drinks etc. to increase the possibility of sleeping for the designated time.

Hanging exercises

Hanging exercises are considered as the must have when you want to grow taller fast. In this, you hang from a horizontal bar over your head. Hang in from the bar for about 10 seconds. Your feeds should be 5 to 6 inches above the ground. Repeat this process several times.


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