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10 tips on how to grow taller

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People want to grow taller and look better. Growing taller have many advantages and the most important one may be that it makes you look better. There are different ways to grow tall, but the following 10 tips will help you to understand what can help you to grow taller.


1.    Stretching

You need to stretch your body every morning. You need to exercise regularly. Before you engage in your core exercises, you need to stretch your body and make it ready for the workout. You can do that while you are still on the bed. Start stretching from one part of your body to another.

2. Exercise

Once you stretching is done, you can go for your regular and core exercise. Exercise will help your body to grow and to keep it healthy. It will also ensure that different chemicals in the body are in the right amount and are working fine.

3. Sunlight

Your body needs lots of sunlight to grow. So go outdoors and get some sunlight. If you can get the early morning sunshine, that is better for you. In sunlight, you will find vitamin D, which is a very important nutrient for your body to grow taller.

4. Massage

Massage can help you to grow taller. You need to massage your body at some specific points, which will help in promoting your growth hormones. These growth hormones are responsible for making you taller and bigger. Massage will also help you to relax.

5. Rest

After a good workout, it is very important for you to rest well. Your body needs to recharge itself and for that some rest is necessary. You need to rest your body and your mind. When you rest your body, it will help your body to re-energie and keep the growth going.

6. Maintain good posture

You need to maintain a good posture all the time. Even when you’re sleeping, you need to maintain some specific postures. If you slouch when sitting, standing, or walking, it will impact your spine badly. Any deformity in the spine will result in shorter stature for you. You need to suck in your belly and keep your shoulders back and push the chest out- that is the right posture.

7. Breathing

Breathing is a good exercise and you can do it in the morning. You can take some deep breaths by inhaling deep with your nose. Hold your breath for some time and exhale with your mouth. It will feel your long sweet oxygen and will also keep your body healthy and the system inside your body fully working.

8. Sleep

Sleeping is very important to re-energise your body. However, while sleeping, you need to sleep on your back flat on the bed. It will help you to straighten your spine. Do not sleep on your stomach or on your side.

9. Say no to addiction

Do not use drugs, nicotine or alcohol because they are unhealthy and they will hinder the growth of your body. If your body is not growing, how can you become taller? Those products will also change the working of different systems in your body and will make you weak.

10. Drink lots of water

Water is very important for your body and body growth. You need to drink lots of water. If you go into dehydration, that will impact the normal working condition of your body. You lose water through different ways and you need to replace that water by drinking more water. If you lose too much of fluids from your body, it will make you weak and vulnerable to different problems.



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