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Factors that affect your height

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There are several factors which will decide how tall you will grow. There are some factors which unnatural and some other factors which involve your lifestyle. Some of these factors can be controlled and so you can grow taller if you want to with the help of these factors.


Celtics is the primary factor that will decide how taller you will grow. If you have taller parents, you are likely to be tall. However, that may not be the case always. If you have short parents, you are likely to be short but that does not mean you cannot work on the other factors and increase your height. If you do not get support from genetics, you will have to look for other factors and take their help to increase your height. If you already have some support from your genes, it will be much easier for you to become taller.


Your gender also decides how tall you can grow. In case of girls, they stopped growing at the age of 18 to 19 but on the other hand boys may grow up to the age of 22. In many cases, boys are generally taller than girls. However, there are many exceptions seen in the present world.


Hormones play a big role in deciding how tall you are going to grow. HGH is responsible for the growth. It is secreted in pituitary gland which is situated in the brain. If your body for some reason lacks HGH, it will badly affect your growth and your height. It is possible to help your body to secret more HGH. You need to avoid foods that contain fats because that can hinder the natural secretion of HGH in your body.


Nutrition is one factor that can be controlled with the help of the food that you consume. Nutrition plays a vital role in deciding your growth and development. It will also decide how tall you are going to grow. Different nutrients help your body in different ways. For the optimum growth and development, you need a balanced diet that contain all the essential nutrients. Unique to avoid junk food which has little or no nutrients. A balanced diet is one which is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Phosphorus and magnesium are two elements which you need if you want to grow taller. Calcium is important for you because it’ll help you in development and strengthening of bones. Protein is essential because it will help you in growth of your body. You need little bit of healthy fats but not too much fat because too much fat can affect the secretion of HGH. Your balanced diet should also include dairy products and meat.


Sleep is another important factor and you should be careful about it if you want to grow taller. When you get proper sleep, it will help you to get rid of tiredness. During sleep more HGH is secreted which will help you to grow taller. You need at least eight hours of sleep every day.

Physical activity

If you want to grow taller, physical activity is also very essential for you. It has a vital role in growth and development. It will stimulate the gain of HGH which will help you to grow and to become taller.


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