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Insecurity about height

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Insecurity is something that we also offer at some point of time. Height insecurity can be one of those things and mostly men suffer from it. It happens because we believe women usually like to choose taller men. Whether that's true or not but height insecurity is always there. Even though on an average men are much taller than women. But there are some short men and so makes it very difficult for them to throw away the insecurity about their low height.

Even though height in security is mostly related to women but that doesn't and there. Height insecurity may also come into play between men. As a man, you may continuously compare your height with other people and that can result in height insecurity. Maybe it is embedded in our brains and so you often do that. Short men are more likely to suffer from height insecurity run average height men.

And height insecurity is not only present in common man. It is also present in famous people who often show up in television and movies. As a common man you may need to impress a girl because it don't want to lose her and want to spend your life with her. But a famous man who doesn't need to impress any more, like a movie star or a president, may also do the same because of height insecurity.

Highest insecurity and mental health

We often exaggerate our heights and try to add one or two inches to it. It is understandable. Our culture valorizes the tall and belittles the short. So if our tall, you have many advantages. Being tall is associated with higher education. Being tall is also associated with career success. We don't know how that is decided but you will find stories about such research and the results. Some of those also claimed that being tall is likely to help in your romantic life too. If you're tall, during adolescence, you are more likely to date more than your shorter peers and tall men are more likely to find a long-term partner or indeed several partners. Because of these beliefs and so-called claims, more and more people believe that tall people enjoy certain psychological benefits. Especially for males, height is linked to greater happiness and self-esteem.

So, there are some psychological advantages because there is a pervasive tendency to associate height with power. And this tendency is embedded in the language.

Self-esteem, paranoia, vulnerability etc.

Since height and self-esteem are so much associated, the psychological consequences of feeling smaller than usual are there. It may make people feel themselves more negatively thereby reducing their sense of status and self-esteem. It may also trigger a sense of vulnerability. All of this can combine together and may result in paranoia in some people.

Paranoia is rooted in essence of inferiority and people who are shorter than average may have that inferiority feeling. If you feel small and unconfident, your sense of vulnerability and increase and as a result of that it is more likely that you will overestimate the danger facing you from other people.

So if it is possible to help someone to feel more positively about themselves, it may be able to reduce their susceptibility to paranoid thoughts. This is also true in case of people who feel they are shorter than average. By feeling more positively about yourself, even though your height is average or a little below average, it will definitely help you to feel better about yourself and also avoid the paranoia which may make you insecure about your height.


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