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How to get a six-pack without crunches

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If you want a six-pack, it is not necessary to perform crunches as many people believe. Crunches can result in back pain and other problems if you do it wrong or if you perform too many crunches. There are other ways which can help you to get a six-pack without any crunches at all.

Take a look at your diet

Be sure you can get a six-pack, you will need to shed any excess pounds. That can be done from your kitchen. Diet is the most important element and the key to weight loss. Different scientific studies done on this subject found that making changes in the diet has more profound impact on weight loss programs. Food is everything and exercises extra credit. If you not following a proper diet necessary for a six-pack, even though you do 500 crunches a day, you will not be able to get the six-pack you want. If you have extra weight and especially extra fat in the belly region, you will need to take a proper look at your diet and make some changes. You will need to eat fewer calories and replace junk food weight healthy, nutritious foods.

Working on your core should be a priority

Most people do not put more attention to the core workouts and they simply keep apps workouts till the end of their workout program. If you are doing that, it’ll be impossible for you to get a six-pack. To get a six-pack, you will need to make core workouts your priority. Just doing a few crunches at the end of your workout will never help you to achieve that. Spend at least three days a week on your abs and then always push yourself harder than before. You should get sore from working on your abs, which means it is actually working on the core muscles.

Focus on visible muscles

If you want to get a six-pack look, you will need to focus on the visible muscles. You will need to work on your rectus abdominis. These are the visible muscles of a six-pack. If you’re working the lower abs, leg lifts are always better than crunches. There are different other exercises which will work on those visible muscles. When you walk on these muscles, they will become prominent and people will see your six-pack. It will ensure that all your hard work pays off.

Resistance training

In general most ab exercises work by bending and twisting your core. But you need to understand that the main function of your core raise to keep your trunk straight and study. That is why you need such moves that resist gravity. For example, plank is a very good exercise for your core and it is very effective. You can use this resistance to your advantage so that you can work your obliques. Obliques other sides of your stomach. There are different exercises which will help you to put more resistance against gravity. You can use some weights to increase the resistance. However, while performing the exercises ensure that you are as straight as possible. More weight does not necessarily mean better results, your form is very important.

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