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How to get a six pack without going to the gym

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If you're not interested in going to the gym or you don't have time for that but you want to get a six pack there is a good news for you-it is possible. Even though many people may tell you that without going to the gym getting a six pack is not possible, that is not true. It is possible to get a six pack even though you do not go to the gym or do not buy any expensive equipment. Let's find out how that can be possible.

Body fat

If you want to get a six pack, the most important thing is to reduce your body fat to 10 to 12%. Even if you have lots of muscles and your abs are perfect, they will not show up unless your body fat is low. If you can take your body fat to a single digit that will be awesome. If you cannot do that, even taking it to 10 to 12% will help you to show your six packs.

Your abdomen is comprised of four parts- the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal obliques and the external obliques. You need to work on them and then only your six pack abs will be visible.


There are different exercises which can help you to build your core and develop the six pack abs. Some of these exercises include standing crossover crunches, v up, Plank, plank with leg lift, knee to elbow planks, and others.

Among the exercises planks are very important for you. It is important because it is one of the effective ways of developing your abdominal muscles and stop you do not need any equipment and you can do it anywhere. It is a compound exercise which will work on all the muscles of your core. It will strengthen the muscles in your lower back as well besides improving your balance. While performing planks, you should try to hold your position as long as possible. There are different variations available and you can try them. Side planks are also important for you because they will work on your sides.

Many people have be believed that simple crunches can help them to get the six pack abs. Only crunches cannot help you to achieve that objective. You need to have compound multi-joint exercises which will work on your core and build more muscle. Such exercises includes squats, deadlifts and bans presses. Full body workouts will help you to work more on your core which will help you to develop six pack abs.


Abs are made in the kitchen and so your diet will play a big role in your six pack development. Small changes in your diet will make big differences. Add more to your diet so that your metabolism goes up and taste buds like it. You should introduce a variety of new foods into your diet every two weeks. Healthy and easy meals will help you to resist cravings and keep your diet on track. Protein is the most important element of your diet and you will need good protein sources so that you are not sacrificing muscle. You will need to reduce calorie but in a slow and steady manner. A moderate intake of healthy fats is very important. You will also need to drink more water during this phase but spread it out throughout the day.


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