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Ways to a six-pack

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Brush in a different way

When you're brushing the next time, try to brush your teeth on one leg. When you try to brush your teeth on one leg, it will work on deep core muscles. It's a very short workout but very beneficial. Since standing on one leg creates a degree of instability, it will work on the smaller muscles necessary for core strength.

Add more vitamins C

If you eat more vitamins C, it will help you to get a six-pack by burning fatter. You need to consume 500 mg of vitamins C daily and you'll be able to burn 39% more fat when you exercise. A study in Arizona State University found that. When your body is low in vitamins C, it cannot use fat as energy with higher efficiency. Some foods can help you to get more vitamins C. Kiwifruit and peppers contain high amounts of vitamin C even in comparison to oranges.

Add more weight

When you are working on your abs, you can always add more weight to get better results. The abs are among the strongest muscles in your body. You can use a dumbbell, a disc or any other weights when you are working out on your abs.

Sleep well

Researchers from University of Chicago found that if you are not getting the required sleep for three consecutive nights, muscle cells in your body may become resistant to insulin. When there is resistance to insulin, more fat is deposited in your belly. There are different ways to get the required sleep. High-fibre cereals as snacks can help you to get a better sleep because they contain tryptophan, which induces sleep.

Intense your workout

If you intensify your workout, it will help you to get a six-pack faster. If you can go through 15 weeks of interval training, you'll be able to lose more subcutaneous fat. It was found by a study done in Laval University, Canada. High intensity interval training will definitely help you to get better results with your abs. You can add such a high intensity interval training session 3 times a week to your existing workout routine.

Crunches cannot help you

If you think more is always better for your core and abs, you are making a mistake. Just doing hundreds of crunches everyday will not help you get the abs of your desire. There are other ways to get the six-packs that you desire. In any exercise, it is always advisable to keep the reps fairly low and increase the weight if necessary. However, thinking that only crunches can help you to get the six-packs is really idiotic. You need much more than crunches and probably lots of information you're getting are not exactly true. Zürich escort services on sexprice.ch

Overall body fat percentage

When you're trying to get a six-pack, you proudly make a few mistakes. One of them is to forget about the layer of fat that cover your abs. Men always store fat around the belly and if you want to show your six-pack abs, you will need to understand that, first you will need to reduce the fat layers covering your abs. The only way to do that is to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Without doing that, simply trying with crunches to get your six-pack abs will not get you any results. You will need to work hard to lower your body fat percentage. Besides watching your diet, you will need to exercise regularly and try to reduce overall body fat percentage to a desired level. Squats and deadlifts are some of the good exercises that can help you to reduce your overall body fat.


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