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The worst and the best foods for vaginal health

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If you want to stay away from bacterial vaginosis then you will need to focus on your diet. If you already have bacterial vaginosis, then also you diet can positively impact your condition and help you to completely get rid of this problem.

As food impact your physical health, it also impacts your vaginal health. That is why, it is important for you to know what you should eat and what you should not eat for better vaginal health. This will not only help you to keep away bacterial vaginosis, but will also help you to stay away from different vaginal health problems.

Eat more prebiotics and probiotics

Your vagina needs healthy bacteria to fight infections. They will also help in maintaining a normal ph. You can eat those foods that are good for your gut health and they will also help you to have a better vaginal health. When you consume probiotics it will help you to fight vaginitis, chronic vaginal discomfort and other such problems. You can eat prebiotic foods like onions, garlic and raw leeks. The probiotic foods that you should consume regularly include yogurt, kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh and kombucha. It is always better to consume actual prebiotic and probiotic foods instead of supplements.

Nuts and healthy fats

You will need to consume more nuts and other healthy fats. Such healthy fats are available besides nuts in olive oil, and avocados. Olive oil and avocados are often considered as superfoods because they can regulate your cholesterol levels. But they can also help you to keep your estrogen levels in balance. This is important as it will create a healthy mucosal lining in the vagina that will fight off infections. Almonds and other types of nuts are good for you.

Avoid processed foods

If you want better vaginal health, you will need to avoid processed foods. Processed foods can depress your immune system and as a result more and more harmful bacteria can go into your system. It can results in different types of black real and other problems including bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, pain during sex, dryness and urinary tract infections.

Reduce sugar consumption

Less sugar is better for you when you want better vagina health. If you are consuming too much sugar it can create different types of problems including bacterial vaginosis. Too much sugar can kill the important vaginal bacteria and if that happens it can result in yeast infections and other bacterial infections.

Drink more water

For better vagina ill-health, you will need to drink more water. Staying hydrated is very important. The vagina is just like the inside of the mouth. Hydration can prevent any unusual orders from arising from the area. Drink more water and it will also help your overall general health.

Avoid some meat then daily

If you want better vaginal health, you will need to understand that some meat are not good for you. You will need to avoid meat and dairy that contain artificial hormones. There are certain meats and dairy products that contain xenoestrogens, which are the artificial hormones that imitate estrogen. Such artificial hormones can block estrogen from the vagina. When that happens, it can prevent the mucosal lining from forming and that can result in more infection.

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