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Myths and nature will treatment options for bacterial vaginosis

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Many women suffer from bacterial vaginosis and it is a common problem in a good percentage of them. However, there are many myths doing rounds about bacterial vaginosis. There are lots of misinformation available out there which makes it difficult for the patient to find the actual cure. There is also a stigma associated with this problem which result from all the misinformation.

Myths associated with bacterial vaginosis

Some of the most common myths associated with bacterial vaginosis are-

Women who have BV are unclean

This is a very common myth. A woman can get BV from using an IUD and another may get it from frequent douching that destroys vaginal flora. You should be very careful while douching because it can disrupt good friendly flora which includes Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is a good bacteria which is very beneficial for you because it can prevent and reduce viruses, bacteria, yeasts and parasites. If you have BV, it doesn't mean you are dirty or unclean, it simply means there is a temporary problem in your vaginal ecosystem.

BV is a sexually transmitted disease

BV is not a sexually transmitted disease. When you are having sex with new sex partners, it can result in disruption of the pH of the vagina but that doesn't mean BV is transmitted sexually.

BV occurs when the number of good friendly bacteria in the vagina goes down and when the pH becomes too alkaline. The environment should be acidic to fight infection. If you suffer from bacterial vaginosis, your doctor will find bacteria on epithelial cells and large numbers of bacteria in your vaginal fluid. The epithelial cells laced with bacteria are known as clue cells as they provide a clue to the diagnosis of this problem.

Digestive imbalance is a common occurrence in women suffering from bacterial vaginosis. If you are suffering from stress and as a result of that carb and sugar consumption has gone up, the process will decrease friendly digestive flora and as a result of that bloating and constipation may happen.

The health of your vagina will also depend on your gut and would that you consume. So you should be careful about the food that you are consuming. If you keep your vagina happy, it'll be easier to prevent and fight bacterial vaginosis.

Treating BV naturally

There are different methods and approaches available which can help you to treat BV naturally. Let's find out some effective ones.

Eliminate sugars and reduce carbohydrate

You will need to reduce carbohydrate consumption and completely eliminate sugars from your diet. You will also need to stop or reduce drastically your alcohol consumption. If you do not reduce or stop consuming these three products, your condition will worsen and it'll be difficult for you to fight BV.

Stabilise your blood sugar

To fight BV, you will need to stabilise your blood sugar levels. Instead of carbohydrate, eat more vegetables. You will also need protein and healthy fats at a balanced amount. If you're not eating a balanced diet, the stress hormones will kick in and that will promote inflammation.

Drink lots of water

If you want to prevent and fight BV, you will need to drink lots of water. Drinking minimum eight glasses of water will help you to flush away the bacteria and the toxins.

Take probiotics

Probiotics is a very important and effective treatment of and against BV. You can take it internally and can also use it externally. When you do that, the friendly bacteria number will increase and that will help you to get rid of BV.


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