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Prevent bacterial vaginosis with these simple tips

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The following tips will help you to prevent bacterial vaginosis.

Use safe sex

Safe sex is very important for you to get rid of AIDS and any other STDs. It is also effective against bacterial vaginosis. If you can abstain from sex, you don't have any possibility of getting bacterial vaginosis but that may not be very practical solution for you. So, you need to use some measures to ensure that you are not getting BV from your sexual partner. Use condom while having sex. It is even applicable to you when you have just one partner.

Decide the best birth control

If you are using IUD (intrauterine device) for birth control, probably need to think twice about it. It can increase the possibility of bacterial vaginosis. It is more important if you have a previous history of BV. Condoms are far better when it comes to birth control and prevention of BV and other STDs. You can also consider other types of birth control options such as birth control pill, vaginal ring, patch, hormone shots, cervical cap and others.

Limit sexual partners

It is also important to limit your sexual partners. When you have more sexual partners, the probability of getting BV from the any one of them increases. When you reduce the number of sexual partners to 1, it will drastically reduce the possibility of bacterial vaginosis if you know about your partner. You may still suffer from bacterial vaginosis if your partner is not faithful and he or she has other sexual partners. It is very important to talk to your partner about bacterial vaginosis and the possibility of getting it.

Clean your vagina only with water

If you need to clean your private parts, you should do that only with water. Do not use any other products for douching. If you use any other product inside the vagina, it may result in bacterial vaginosis because bacteria may get entry to inside of your vagina. Douching is not good for you because it will increase the risk of infection and BV by killing the good bacteria present in the vagina. Your vagina can clean itself naturally. If there is a need to clean it, you can always use warm water for cleaning it.

Foods rich in lactobacilli

You need to eat probiotics or foods that contain high amount of lactobacilli. It can help you by increasing good bacteria in your vagina. When you have more good bacteria there, it can help you to prevent bacterial vaginosis. Fermented cheese, or yoghurt contains high amounts of lactobacilli. Using lactobacilli is called as lactobacillus colonisation therapy.

You can also take an over-the-counter probiotic. Some studies found that when you use probiotic, the chances of BV decrease a lot. Probiotics are available in foods like kombucha, miso, and kefir. Sauerkraut, kimchi, Gouda, cheddar, and Swiss also contain high amounts of probiotics and they may be very good for you when you are trying to prevent BV.

Your diet is very important for keeping your body healthy and so it can also help you to fight and prevent bacterial vaginosis. You just need to include the important foods in your diet.

Meet your gynaecologist

Your gynaecologist can help you but only if you regularly visit your gynaecologist. Your private parts need experts for better care and gynaecologist can help you with all the information and helpful tips that you need to keep your private parts healthy. Annual pelvic exams are very important for you and if you do not have a gynaecologist to go to, a general practitioner can also perform those examinations.

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