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Most Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries You Should Know About

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What are the most common workplace accidents and injuries?

Workplace accidents can happen to anybody at any time. Workplace safety is not only the responsibility of the employer but also of every employee. Workplace accidents and injuries can incur costs directly to any business including workers' insurance, legal services and medical expenses.

On-the-Job Violent Acts

Workplace violence is also a reason for physical injuries. Our workplace needs us to work collaboratively as a team or with multiple departments. It is a fact that team member(s) or colleague(s) may have a difference of opinion with others. People should discuss and avoid heated arguments. Office politics and intense arguments can lead to a clash and eventually accidents and physical injuries.

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Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motions like typing and using computer devices for a long time during work can be harmful. Without proper ergonomic equipments and positioning, workers can be affected with carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems and back pain. Employees need to be trained about the proper usage of computer in a better ergonomic position to avoid these repetitive motion injuries.

Machine Entanglement

Machine entanglement commonly happens in a factory where heavy machinery and equipment are used. Workers have to be cautious to avoid injuries in fingers and damages in shoes or clothing. Making use of the right protection and practicing caution are required to prevent these workplace accidents.

Vehicle Accidents

Full-time drivers or employees who drive vehicles for business activities often meet accidents; few of them lose their lives. Safe driving policies and trainings could prevent these accidents and save the lives of employees.

Walking Into Injuries

This type of injuries occurs when an individual runs into concrete objects such as glass windows, walls, cabinets, doors, table, etc by mistake. The common areas of these injuries are the head, neck, foot and knees. Precautions should be taken to keep the workplace safe and employees should also be diligent during the work to avoid these incidents.

Falling Object Injuries

This type of accidents happens in construction sites. This occurs when objects are dropped by an individual and result in serious injuries. Proper use of protection gears like hard hats and shoes can ensure the safety of employees. These incidents can be avoided by cautiousness of the employees and hazard-free work environments by employers.

Reaction Injuries

When a person gets injured by slipping and tripping but not falling, they are called as reaction injuries. These accidents can result in body trauma, medical issues and musculoskeletal injuries. Paying more attention in the workplace can prevent these incidents.

Falling from Heights

Employees who work on elevated places like roofs, stairways and ladders have the risk of falling from heights. These accidents are caused by faulty equipment or carelessness of the employee. Employee diligence, proper use of protection gear and safety training can keep these accidents away from the workplace.

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This type of accident is caused by slipping or tripping in the workplace and can cause injuries to employees. When a person trips over objects lying on the floor or falls on slippery floor, it can be harmful and can cause head, joint, back or neck injuries. Practicing workplace safety will prevent these accidents.

Overexertion Injuries   

Overexertion injuries refer to injuries associated with lifting, pulling, throwing, holding or pushing activities at work. This type of accidents costs more than others and occurs more often.

As you have read, all these workplace accidents and injuries can be prevented by cautiousness on the part of employers and employees. Employer's responsibility is to provide proper faultless equipments, to follow safety guidelines and to  provide health insurance to all employees.