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Motorcycle Accidents and Medical Issues: What to Expect

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What are the medical issues resulting from motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can result in various problems that need to be solved by different professionals like a health care team, lawyers and insurance agents. Among these consequences of a motorcycle accident, medical issues will be the most demanding in both physical and emotional ways during your recovery. This type of issues includes serious injuries, rehabilitation, medical expenses, communication with health care team and claiming funds from insurance coverage.

One of the common problems with victims is that they provide wrong information to a doctor that can cause serious issues. As a result of this, the duration of the treatment and medical claims will get complicated. Being treated by the right specialist is important in the recovery of any motorcycle accident.

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In this article, you can find the summary of common injuries, which are medical issues for which you may need medical care for; this is also to educate you on how to prevent injuries that may get worse.

Common Injuries Due To Motorcycle Accidents

According to statistics, motorcyclists are 16 times more likely to lose their lives and three times more possibly to be injured than other vehicle occupants.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are often resulting to fatalities in motorcycle accidents. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, wearing a helmet can minimize the possibility of death by 29%. Though some people have debates over the usage of helmets, it is highly advisable to use them to stay safe.

Skin Abrasions

Skin abrasions are the most common injuries, however they are the least severe. These injuries occur when a motorcycle rider is thrown away from the vehicle and his or her skin gets in touch with hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. The scrapes will need less medical care for healing.

Orthopedic Injuries

When a motorcyclist is thrown out of his or her vehicle, he or she may try to avoid injury on the arms or legs.  However the resultant force often results in wrist and leg injuries. In certain cases, spinal cord and shoulder injuries also happen.

Psychological Trauma

Based on the impact of the collision and injuries, an accident victim may suffer from psychological trauma that needs to be treated. A type of anxiety disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can originate from terrifying or intense emotional experiences in which serious physical damage happens or is at risk. The victim may develop insomnia, emotional numbness or may have emotional flashbacks in which the traumatic event will be remembered every now and then.

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Interactions between Legal, Insurance, and Medical Issues

There is a connection between your medical, legal and insurance providers during a recovery phase. Make sure that you explain about your physical and psychological issues to your doctor. Some victims try to hide their pain just to show that they are strong and pretend that their pain is less. If a victim is providing false information about his or her pain, the physician will treat for the mentioned issues only. This will result in further complications like wrong diagnosis, treatment and even wrong medical claims. Keeping this in mind, you have to speak the truth to the doctor and your lawyer to get faster recovery and avail of medical insurance. Every time you visit your doctor, keep your lawyer also in the loop.

In some cases, victims cannot explain well about their health conditions. If you met with an accident and experience pain during your household chores, the pain may be due to the accident injury. In such a situation you have to explain to the doctor about pain and intervening causes.

Some people have the intention to claim insurance with false statements that they have health issues by other reasons and not from the reported accident. Doctors may find out the real intervening causes and add their comments in the medical reports and this may even result in the termination of financial support from insurance companies.

Principal Approach

Be honest with your physician, lawyer and insurance agency; this should be the principal approach. If any information is wrong, it will affect your recovery as well as your medical claims.

Priority for Recovery

Some victims will be in a hurry to return back to their normal lives soon after the incident. This may make injuries worse as he or she has to take complete rest and take all prescribed medications. For any victim, recovery should be a high priority. If your health care team has recommended any rehabilitation program, you have to complete it without fail. Following the doctors' advice will help you to recover faster and safely.