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Most Common Personal Injuries That You Should Be Aware Of

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What are the most common personal injuries that you should be aware of?

When a person suffers a physical or mental illness or injury which has happened because of an accident or negligence, this is called as personal injury. In most cases, a personal injury can play a dramatic effect on your life since it can be a mild illness or even disability.

Impacts of A Personal Injury

There are many ways a personal injury can affect a person's life, among which loss of income has more impact. Based on the complexity of your injury, you may lose wages or customers that will eventually affect your earnings.

Loss of earnings is not the only issue; you may have to pay for your medical expenses, transportation and other bills with your decreased income.


Let us have a look at the types of personal injuries in detail along with the reasons and complexities.

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Accidents and Illness Abroad

This type of personal injuries deals with accidents and illnesses that occur when abroad. This includes holidays, business trips, sports events etc.

A personal injury while abroad is more traumatic than if it happens at your home country. Apart from pain and stress, you may have to deal with authorities in that foreign country.

Common injuries that can occur abroad are airplane accidents, skiing accidents, accidents during transportation and sports-related injuries.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries in the brain and spinal cord are more devastating as they can affect the victims' family also. These kinds of injuries can cause lifetime impairment, paralysis or can even be fatal.

A victim has to experience both physical and emotional illness; in some cases, round-the-clock supportive care may be required.

Defective products

A defective or faulty product can cause a variety of injuries. Your health and safety may be at risk because of using a defective product.

Faulty furniture, electrical goods and vehicles can lead to accidents that can result in personal injuries. Contaminated food and contaminated blood transfusion can cause health problems. Medicinal drugs with side effects, defective contraception, and faulty medical devices are also the common factors contributing to medical issues and personal injuries.

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Personal Injuries Due To Industrial Diseases

This type of personal injury is the result of poor workplace safety and occupational hazards. When a person is exposed to toxic substances at work he or she can develop chronic diseases. Occupational asthma, mesothelioma, dermatitis and asbestosis are common industrial diseases.

Medical negligence

Almost all treatments are effective and patients are happy with the results. However very few cases experience problems because of medical negligence where doctors' mistakes cause health issues.

Each year, millions of people are treated for a wide range of conditions and are happy with the results of their treatment. They consider the services provided by the medical profession to be caring and efficient and this usually holds true in the vast majority of cases.

These injuries not only affect the patient but also their families and these health issues are eligible for compensation.

Road Accidents

In spite of technical advancements in vehicles, traffic rules and laws road accidents happen frequently. These accidents cause injuries to motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and passengers travelling through public transport like buses. Road accidents can result in mild to severe personal injuries and can sometimes even lead to the death of a victim.

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Serious injuries

Amputation, head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns and scalds are classified as serious injuries. As the name suggests, the effects of these injuries will usually be serious. 24 hours medical care and support may be needed until a victim attains a stable condition. In some cases, the results will be catastrophic to the victims and their families.

Workplace Accidents and Illness

Every workplace has its own safety hazards and preventive measures. All employees should be trained on how to handle an emergency situation to avoid injuries. In-plant training, safety education and using protective gear can prevent accidents.

Based on the nature of work, personal injuries also differ. People who work with computers can have back injuries, Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon injuries. Construction industry workers are at risk of falling objects, falling from heights etc.

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