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Personal Injuries: Easy Tips on How to Prevent Them

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This article explains the various types of personal injuries, the factors contributing to them and how to avoid them

Despite modern technology, accidents that happen on roads and workplaces evolve around this question How to avoid personal injuries. The answer is pretty simple and most of us know that following safety measures can avoid many personal injuries.

Construction Industry and Personal Injuries

Workplace accidents are common in the construction industry. Employees at all levels should be educated about safety measures and should be provided with protective gear. Slipping, falling, injuries due to overexertion, and falling objects are some of the common accidents that can happen in a construction environment.

Factories and personal injuries

Factory workers are often injured due to improper handling of machines and lack of caution. Safety measures should be followed without fail to avoid personal injuries and damage to machineries. All employees should undergo training on stopping a machine, proper handling of objects and maintaining a neat workplace.

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Office work and personal injuries

Accidents happening in an office environment are less when compared to a factory or a construction site. However, every employee should know how to act during an emergency situation. Employee's knowledge in handling fire extinguishers and turning off electricity can save many lives in an office.

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Avoid Personal Injury through Traffic Safety

In spite of technological advancements that made vehicles safer, the number of accidents throughout the whole world is still increasing. Jeffrey Nadrich, a car accident lawyer in San Francisco, notes that “by following safety measures and tips you can reach your destination without any accidents and injuries.”

Need For Speed Limit

Most accidents can be prevented if people follow the speed limits strictly. As per US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), overspeeding is the main reason for accidents on roads. In the urban setting, everyone wants to reach places faster and often drive over the speed limit. If you are driving just 10 mph over the given speed limit, your chances for accidents are increased by 50%. Look for speed limit signs and maintain the allowed speed to stay safe.

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Ditch the Distractions

Any distraction while driving can result in serious consequences. It is recommended to avoid distractions to avoid accidents. In this busy modern world, we are all used to multi-tasking even during driving to save time and this can be dangerous. Because of the complications and risks of distractions some states have made laws to avoid using mobile phones while driving.

Other than texting and calling, some drivers like to eat or try to apply makeup while driving. Intense conversations can also become a distraction to the driver. You can avoid all these distractions and can be more proactive to prevent accidents and personal injuries.

Don't Tailgate

Do not follow other vehicles too closely even the traffic is slow moving or busy. Tailgating is one of the main reasons for personal injuries in city traffic. Tailgating leads to rear-end collisions which can cause personal injuries including back pain and whiplash. Ensure that there is adequate space between your vehicle and others, this will prevent collisions.

Have an Escape Plan

To stay safe on the road, you should be more conscious and have an escape plan to avoid accidents. You can develop this skill through experience as you observe keenly on adjacent lanes and pay attention to vehicles on your back and front.

Anything can happen on the road– a vehicle in the adjacent lane can be cut-off, a truck in front of your vehicle might have a blowout tire. It is good to have a plan in such emergency situations to control your vehicle so that you can avoid accidents and prevent personal injuries.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

When used correctly, seatbelts can save the life of an individual, as they stop you from any movement within the vehicle at the time of a crash. As per reports of NHTSA, most of the fatal accidents happen due to lack of seatbelt usage. Around 70% of deadly car accident victims were aged between 13 to 15 and most of them were not wearing seatbelts.

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Motorcycle accidents and personal injuries

Motorcycle riders are more likely to have personal injuries as they are not protected unlike car or vehicle riders. Wearing helmets and protective gears are always recommended to keep you safe from unexpected accidents. Look for signals from other vehicles, follow the allowed speed limit and be more proactive to have a safer ride.

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Being more cautious and practising safety instructions is the best way for you to avoid personal injuries. Paying attention is not expensive than paying medical bills. Be cautious and stay safe!