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Prevent bacterial vaginosis with your diet

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If you change your diet, add new foods to it and eliminate some foods from it, your that can help you to fight and prevent bacterial vaginosis. Let's find out what you should eat to prevent bacterial vaginosis problem.


Lactobacillus acidophilus

Bacterial vaginosis happens due to an imbalance in the vaginal ecosystem. Now, you need to balance the ecosystem to prevent it from coming back and to cure yourself. You need to eat foods that contain lactobacilli for balancing it. If you consume foods with LA, then the possibility of vaginosis decreases. Yoghurt, acidophilus milk, kefir are some of the products that you should consume.


Garlic is a known for do with antibiotic properties and this natural antibiotic properties can be used for prevention of vaginosis. Anyone who is prone to bacterial vaginosis should regularly consume garlic. Garlic is effective against bacteria and it can be used as a food and also as a vaginal suppository.

Foods that you should eat

You need a healthy diet to prevent bacterial vaginosis. When you have a healthy diet, your immune system will be stronger and a stronger immune system will reduce the possibility of vaginosis. You need more flaxseed products, whole grains, fish, meat and poultry, fresh organic produce in your diet to make it healthy for you. You will also need to include lots of water to avoid bacterial vaginosis and its re-occurrence.

Avoid these foods

Some foods can promote bacterial overgrowth. They do so by creating a favourable environment in the body and in such an environment, the bacteria only thrives, but grows exponentially.

If you want to prevent bacterial vaginosis, you will need to keep away from some of the foods. Diet has a very big role to play in preventing BV. First of all, you need to avoid sugar. If you consume more sugar, it may create a vaginal environment which is conducive to the bacteria. Sugar is the biggest culprit. It helps in inflammation. You also need to avoid caffeine, fermented foods, alcohol, processed foods etc. You need to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrate. Braid, pasta are some such foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and so you should avoid them as well. Also avoid foods that includes mold. Peanuts contain mold and so you should avoid it. Foods that dehydrate your body, saturated fats and refined flour products are some of the foods that you should always avoid if you want to prevent vaginosis. Cyprus fruits, fruits weight high glycaemic indexes like bananas should always be avoided.

Herbs that you need

Echinacea is very important if you want to prevent bacterial vaginosis. Different experts prescribe this herb in prevention and treatment of BV. You can use this herb to make tea or a tincture. Pau d'arco is another herb which is beneficial against this problem and it can be made into a tea.

Food allergens

There are some food allergens which can cause allergy in your body. The most common allergic foods are dairy products like milk and cheese, eggs, wheat and gluten, corn, nuts, soy etc. You should avoid them if you want to prevent vaginosis. If you are allergic to dairy products, you should not take yoghurt even though it contains lactobacilli. Lactobacillus is good for prevention of bacterial vaginosis but if you are allergic to dairy products, you should not take it. Instead, you can always use a probiotic supplement formulated with lactobacilli and get help in prevention of vaginosis.

If you eat the rich diet with whole foods and avoid sugars, food allergens and refined carbohydrates, you can prevent bacterial vaginosis.


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