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Treatment for bacterial vaginosis

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Complications of bacterial vaginosis

If the problem is treated right at the right time, it will resolve completely without any complications. You also don’t need any follow up once the symptoms disappear. However, if the treatment is not right or you do not completely follow the treatment process, there are several complications that may arise due to bacterial vaginosis. Women who suffer from this problem have a higher risk of HIV infections and other STDs which include gonorrhea, genital herpes and Chlamydia. In case of pregnant women, it may result in premature labor.

bacterial vaginosis

bacterial vaginosis

Doctors always recommend treatment before going for hysterectomy C– section or cesarean birth, IUD insertion so as to avoid the possible spread of the problem into other pelvic organs. However, there is no proof that treatment of bacterial vaginosis in case of pregnant women decreases the premature births in most of them. So, the screening and treatment of this problem during pregnancy is still controversial. Researches have been going on to find out the value of such a treatment. It is specially recommended in case of women who have histories of preterm birth.

Treatment options for bacterial vaginosis

Generally, about one third of the bacterial vaginosis cases resolve automatically, but you need to go for treatment to eliminate it completely. It becomes more important if bacterial vaginosis is present during pregnancy because it may result in other complications. It is always better to treat the problem as soon as you can so as to avoid any possible risk of its return.

Doctors generally prescribe antibiotics for treatment of bacterial vaginosis. The most routinely used such antibiotic treatments include the following-

  • Metronidazole (Flagyl) in a tablet form. It can also be used in the vagina directly in the form of Metronidazole gel. The oral form may cause some side effects but it is one of the most effective treatments for bacterial vaginosis. Even though the gel medicine does not have any side-effects, but sometimes it may cause yeast vaginitis as a side-effect.
  • Doctors also prescribe vaginal clindamycin cream. Tinidazole is another antibiotic which is used for treatment of this disease. It does not result in many side-effects like metronidazole.
  • Another important problem is that bacterial vaginosis reoccur. It may reoccur even after successful treatment. Recurrent symptoms are found in about half of the patients within 12 months. It is not yet possible to find out why such recurrent infections happen. In case of recurrent problems, another course of antibiotics is prescribed by the doctor.

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

There are some home remedies available for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. However, no effective home remedies are available for this condition. Such home remedies can reduce the suffering but cannot completely eliminate the problem. Doctors are trying the use of probiotics for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Researches are going on and the final result of the experiment is not yet available.

Prevention of bacterial vaginosis

Even though you can try to prevent bacterial vaginosis, but you may not be very successful at it. Prevention of this problem is not very effective. Since the problem is not understood correctly, it is difficult to take action to prevent it. However, it is possible to reduce some possible risk factors. These include limiting the total number of partners in sex, completing the course of antibiotic prescribed by the doctor while treating the problem. Such prevention measures will reduce the risk of possible attack of bacterial vaginosis.

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