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Prevent yeast infection

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Yeast infection not only is very irritating but it can also cause problems in your daily life. Summer is considered as the most common season for yeast infections. It is possible to avoid yeast infection by preventing the occurrence. If you have the right daily routines and habits, it will help you to prevent any possible yeast infection. Prevention is always better than curing you from any type of yeast infection. Let's find out how you can prevent possible yeast infections.

Consume more probiotics

Probiotics is a very important element and it should be included in your daily life. It not only offers you health benefits but it can also help you to prevent possible yeast infections. Yogurt, for example, contains Lactobacillus acidophilus which is a good bacterium for you and it can help you to keep away yeast infection. These bacteria will help you by maintaining a healthy pH balance and will also encourage the growth of other friendly bacteria. You can include yogurt or any other probiotics in your daily diet to ensure you get all the necessary supply of good and friendly bacteria.

Birth control without estrogen

If you learn to prevent yeast infection, you will need to switch to a birth control method that does not contain oestrogen. When you have more oestrogen in your body, it will result in production of more yeast. If you are prone to yeast infection, you should choose a birth control method that does not contain oestrogen. You can go for IUD or progesterone only pills. By making this little change, you will considerably reduce the risk of Candida albicans infection. Talk to your daughter about it and find out what options you have so that you can try the option right now and stop possible future yeast infection.

Clean your vagina often

We should simply clean your vagina often to prevent the possible future yeast infection. This does not mean that you should use douching all the time because it is rough and it can irritate your private parts. Get up close and personal and clean it properly by washing it. You need to focus on the inside folds of the vagina because that is where yeast multiply. If you're using a swimsuit, you should change out of it immediately after you’re done so as to avoid more moisture in your private parts. After shower, you can use your hairdryer on the low and cool setting and dry your private parts to eliminate the last bit of excess moisture.

Avoid scented hygiene products and soaps

There are many scented feminine hygiene production soaps are available which claim to improve your hygiene and maintain the necessary pH balance. However to prevent possible yeast infection, you should always avoid scented hygiene products and soaps. They contain artificial chemicals and you should not let them get into your vagina. Such chemicals will increase the risk of a yeast infection. You should also avoid such scented soaps.

Cotton underwear

You should use cotton underwear because it is good for you. They will keep the vagina as dry as possible. They will also help you to avoid warmth and moisture. Yeast lab sent seen humid environment and so you need to ensure that yeast is not getting that environment. That is why you need to wear an underwear that is made from natural fabrics like cotton or silk which will absorb dampness and will keep you dry.


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