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Tips for prevention of yeast infection

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How can you prevent possible yeast infection? It's a fungal disease that causes burning and irritation around the vaginal area. Let's find out how it is possible to prevent yeast infection.


Wash the affected area

Yeast infection generally happens due to poor hygiene and so hygiene should be your priority. Wash the affected area well. You can wash and clean it while taking bath. If you regularly clean it, the possibility of yeast infection reduces a lot. If you already have an infection, thoroughly cleaning it will help you to get rid of existing fungi and possible flare ups in future.

Dry the area thoroughly

Since yeast survive and grow better in moist areas, so you should always your vaginal areas clean and dry. Once you take a bath or shower, it is very important to dry the area thoroughly. Do not leave it wet for a long duration. Dry the genitals well before wearing clothes.

Reduce stress

Stress and yeast infection has a direct relationship and if you are stressed, you are more likely to have yeast infection. Because of stress, the capacity of the immune system reduces because of production of cortisol or stress hormone. When your immunity is reduced, it becomes easier for yeast infection to start and spread. A stress free life will help you to live a healthy life that will also help you to prevent yeast infection. Exercise, meditation and other methods are available which can help you to reduce stress from your life.

Use cotton underwear

Cotton underwear is the is best choice when you one to prevent yeast infection. Why is that? Besides soaking the water present in the area, it also keeps the genitals dry. By absorbing moisture, it reduces the growth potential of fungi.

Loosen yourself

If you are wearing tight clothes or jeans every day, it may increase the possibility of yeast infection. If your clothing is not allowing the genitals are dry and cool state, it may cause yeast infection. However, occasionally wearing tight clothes should not be a cause of concern. When you wear lose clothing items, your body gets some airflow and as a result it can remain sweat free and dry.

Change your clothes

You should not wear sweaty clothes for a prolonged period. If you are sweaty, you should change your clothing as soon as possible. The same applies to your underwear. It will deprive yeast of the dampness in which it grows faster.

Change of diet

Changing your diet will ensure that you are not suffering from severe wrist infection. It will also help you to reduce existing yeast infection. If you reduce intake of sugar, that will help you to limit the growth of infection because yeast use sugar as a food source.

Take yogurt

If you have taken antibiotic, it may destroy good bacteria in your body. That is why you need yoghurt because it contains various good bacteria. Adding such probiotic bacteria through yoghurt will ensure reduction of yeast fungus.

Limit your body heat

If you can limit your body heat, you will be able to limit yeast growth and infection. That happens because yeasts grow better in warm and  moist environment and by reducing your body heat, you are reducing the warm condition necessary for its growth. You can reduce your body heat by avoiding long baths and showers. If some time you go for a long bath, you should dry yourself completely after that.

Maintain a good hygiene

A good hygiene will help you to prevent yeast infection. Choose sexual partners carefully and avoid sharing bath and towel with others.



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