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How to overcome gout

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The following steps can help you to overcome gout


Maintain ideal body weight

Maintaining your ideal body weight is a very important part of the solution for gout. Excessive weight gain or obesity is a major risk factor for gout. About half of the people with gout are overweight. When you are overweight, the already irritated nerve endings will be further irritated by the extra weight. Gout sufferers also show high prevalence of metabolic syndrome such as heart disease, diabetes, abdominal obesity, high triglyceride levels and hypertension etc.

Weight loss is important because it is a very safe method of reducing inflammation. When you lose weight, it helps you to get rid of blood vessel dysfunction due to obesity. Since gout is an inflammatory condition, when you lose weight and maintain the ideal way it will drastically reduce the possibility of future gout attacks.

Eating right for your nutritional type

If you have chronically high blood sugar that can cause inflammation and subsequent damage seen in case of gout. The sugar molecule is more harmful than any other types of molecule. It is possible to normalise your blood sugar and insulin levels present in your body by adjusting your diet.

You will need to limit or eliminate high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), sugar and grains. So, probably you will need to stop drinking soft drinks and fruit juices. Also avoid sugary snacks. However, need to understand that it is very important to eat right depending on your nutritional type. Since the biochemical nutritional needs for individual are different, so your diet may be different from other people. The signs of nutritional typing divides people in three groups-

  • High protein, high fat, low carbs (Protein type)
  • Low protein, low fat, high carbs (Carb type)
  • Mixture between the above (Mixed type)

So, based on the nutritional type you fall in, you can gain optimum health and also eliminate problems like gout.

Do not use drugs solutions unless absolutely necessary

There are different types of medicines available for treatment of gout but you should use them only if it is absolutely necessary. There are different ways to manage gout and if you can manage it without medicines, should try to do that. NSAIDs, Colchicine, Corticotropin, Aloprim, corticosteroids, Febuxostat, and Zyloprim are some of the medicines used for treatment of gout but how effective they are that is not very sure. They also have some bad side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, reduced appetite, dizziness, rash, headaches, drowsiness, fluid retention, shortness of breath, kidney failure, ulcers, liver failure etc.

Reduce alcohol intake

For successful gout treatment, you will need to stop or limit alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption is a major risk factor of gout problem. Alcohol can increase your insulin levels and may result in diabetes. It may also increase uric acid levels in your blood and may result in a new gout attack. If you can eliminate alcohol completely, it is really good for you, but if you cannot completely eliminate alcohol from your life, you can at least reduce the quantity.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will definitely help you. However, you should make sure that you are not suffering from joint pain because that may cause further injury. You need a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise because that will help you to normalize your uric acid levels. When you exercise, that will normalize your insulin levels and that in turn will normalize your uric acid levels. Exercising regularly will also reduce your depression and will strengthen your immune system which will help you to fight gout and other such problems.


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