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Learn to ease a gout attack

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When you have gout, managing your pain is very important and crucial for normal living. A few simple steps will help you to manage painful gout attacks.

Watch your diet

If you are suffering from a gout attack, it is very important for you to watch your diet. Your diet plays a very critical role in deciding if you will have a gout attack or not. It will also play a crucial role in deciding the inflammation and pain you are likely to have when you suffer a gout attack. There are some foods which can aggravate your gout problem. If you are consuming a diet that is high in animal protein and you are also consuming alcohol, your gout problem may be aggravated. So, you will need to completely eliminate meat and alcohol from your diet to ensure that you are not increasing your own problem. There are some other foods, which can help you to reduce the possible inflammation and pain associated with a gout attack.

Meet your doctor

If you are suffering from painful gout attack, it is very important that you meet your doctor immediately. Before you take any medication, it is important to make sure that it is gout and your physician can only do that. Diagnosis by a trained doctor is very easy and only then you can go ahead and take the necessary medication.

So keep the foot bare

If you are having a gout attack, you need to keep your foot bare.  If possible, also keep your leg bare. Why is it necessary? If you have put on clothes, the weight of the clothes on the affected joint may increase your pain. Even the bedding material may also add to your existing pain and you he should try to avoid any type of clothing on the affected area.

Proper rest

If you are suffering from a gout attack, it is very important to take rest. Bed rest is what you need. Make yourself comfortable and ensure that you are getting the required amount of rest and not putting pressure on the affected area, because that will increase the pain.

Use ice to reduce pain

If you want to reduce pain from gout attack, you can use ice. If there is inflammation, then also ice can help you. You need to put ice on the joint where you are having gout attack. It will reduce inflammation and pain after some time. You may need to repeat the application of ice after every few hours.

Drink more water

Drinking water has several benefits. It helps you to stay healthy and also to build a better looking body. Besides that drinking more water will help you to keep hydrated. It is very important for you to keep yourself hydrated during a gout attack. When you drink more water, the water will be available to flush out the uric acid crystals from your body.  Uric acid causes gout attacks and it also increases the intensity of attacks. That is why, it is very important for you to eliminate the uric acid from your system and that can be done with the help of water.

Over-the-counter pain medicines

You can always go for over-the-counter pain medicines which will help you to get rid of the pain caused by a gout attack. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which can help you to get relief from acute gout pain. It is better for people who do not have renal diseases. He can also try steroid drugs if you cannot take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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