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10 trigger foods for gout

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1.    Fish

It is very important that you stay away from foods that contain high amount of purine. Even though moderate amount of purine may not affect you, but high amount will definitely affect you. Some of the fishes come with high levels of purine. Such fish species include sardines, cod, carp, herring, salmon, tuna, trout, haddock and anchovies. Do not eat big amounts of these fish species.

2. Fried foods

If you are eating fatty fried foods, they can trigger your gout attack. If your body mass index is higher, you have a higher risk of developing gout. Fried foods will not only trigger a gout attack, they will also result in chronic gout. You need to avoid fried in oil and prepackaged foods which you need to bake at home.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is a diuretic and so it reduces the level of water in your body. If you’re suffering from gout, this can be very dangerous. The uric acid crystals stay suspended in the blood and if your body loses water due to dehydration, these crystals can crystallize at the joints. This will cause a gout attack.

4. Alcohol


Alcohol is one of the biggest triggers of gout. Specially, beer is more dangerous. People who drink alcohol have a higher risk of developing gout. Beer contains high levels of purine and so it is more likely to cause gout attacks. You should also avoid hard liquor and wine.

5. Soda

People who are at risk for gout, should not drink soda. Fructose sweetened drinks have a direct relationship with gout attacks. Many of the sodas available are sweetened with fructose. Several sodas also come caffeinated which increases the possibility of a gout attack.

6. Organ meats

You should avoid animal organs if you want to stay away from gout. Organ meats are generally high in purine and so they can cause gout attacks. Avoid liver, lungs, spleen and heart of animals. You also need to avoid non-organ red meats because they also contain high amounts of purine.

7. Shellfish

In places where fishes are abundantly available, gout problems are more pronounced. If you eat more shellfish in your diet, the risk of gout increases manifold. Even though shellfish contains just a moderate amount of purine, but it can push the body over the edge and result in a gout attack. You need to avoid lobster, clams, scallops and crabs.

8. Beef

Beef contains a high amount of purine. Beef chuck, beef ribs, beef tenderloin, beef shoulder and roast beef contain the highest amount of purine and so you need to avoid them. Besides that, beef also contains lots of fat which can also cause a gout attack. You do not have to completely stop eating them, but it is always good for you to eat them in moderation.

9. Fruit juice

Fruit juices are very healthy and so it’s very difficult to believe that they can cause gout. However, they have natural and artificial fructose sugar in them. If you eat fruits, then there is soluble fiber is present in them which will limit the release of the sugars. In comparison, fruit juices like pure sugar water. If you drink high fructose liquids like fruit juice, the risk of gout attack is higher.

10. Rich sauces

Gout is also caused by rich sauces. These sauces and dressings contain lots of fat, which increases the possibility of a gout attack. Since the sauces are also put on meats like roast beef and steak, it means you are increasing your risk doubly. You need to avoid sauces like brown and white gravy, hollandaise sauce, béarnaise sauce, béchamel sauce etc.



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