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5 tips to last longer in bed

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1. Slow down

It’s a simple tip, but it works. Do not forget when the lights go out. Consider it as a marathon and not a 100 meter race. This is not a rapid-fire round. Go slow and enjoy the process. There is nobody except your partner to judge you. If you’re trying to last longer, when you slow down, you’ll be able to achieve it. And this is also a romantic to most girls. You need to have some self-control and you need to work on your pace. It can be a mental game.

2. Squeeze it

Squeeze your penis. This is one of the most common tips offered by health experts and doctors. You need to squeeze it just below the head. When you squeeze it, it reduces the blood flow significantly. Too much of blood flow is the main reason behind overstimulation. When you cut off the blood flow significantly, overstimulation will be gone and you will be able to last longer. The head of the shaft is the most sensitive part of your body and when you squeeze it, it will help you to take your mind away for some time. All you need to do is to squeeze it for 5 to 30 seconds. You can do it yourself or it can ask your partner to do that for you.

3. Take a break

You don’t have to worry about your stamina. You can always increase your stamina and last longer by using different methods. Taking a break is such a method which will help you to last longer. Don’t worry about those porn clips because most of them are not true. If the actor in that adult movie lasted for 45 minutes to 1 hour, it does not mean that true. They also take Caverject infection or use Viagra before the shooting. You are not using any of them and that is probably a very wise decision because you do not want any problem with your body. You should not compare yourself with them. You can always take a break in between. Such a break really helps you last longer. You can take frequent breaks while trying different styles and positions.

4. Cause pain to the body

Some people believe that this is an effective way of lasting longer. If you cause pain to your body, you get distracted cause of the pain and as a result, you can last longer. When you cause pain to another part of the body, the blood flows to that part thereby reducing the flow of blood to you Johnson. As a result, you can reduce your overstimulation. Causing pain to another part will also distract you at the right moment and you will not be focused at the act. Some people bite their tongues, some others do some other things.

5. Flex your pubococcygeus

Both men and women have a special type of muscle called as Kegel muscles. These muscles are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel. This is one of the most best-kept sex secrets. When you try to stop peeing mid-stream, you squeeze these muscles and then only you can stop peeing. If you do not practice flexing these muscles, you cannot squeeze them and as a result, many people cannot stop peeing mid-stream. However, doctors believe that it is possible to train these muscles like any other muscle in the body. You can build strength and control of these muscles. That will help you to hold your ejaculation for a longer duration.

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