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Can hypnosis help you to become thin?

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This is a question that many people would want to ask. Hypnosis has been used in different aspects of life to help people to overcome their problems. So, why not use it to overcome another problem- excess weight. Hypnosis is also used for helping people to lose weight and become thin.

Can it help?

Hypnosis is not a magic but it is life changing. It can help you to lose weight and look thin by changing your outlook towards your life. It can help you to stop craving for the soda or the potato chips and other sweet things that are adding more calories, fat and weight to your body.

It can also help you to feel that you need to exercise regularly and can make the workouts feel enjoyable for you.

Your thoughts

Hypnosis works on your deep thought patterns. SO, you can remove the bad ones and instil good ones. The bad or negative thoughts about yourself, your body, exercise, following good habits etc. are holding you back from achieving what you want- a thin and better looking body. When you have positive thoughts about the need to change and the ways to make that possible, you are going to do all those things which will help you to lose weight and fat and build a body that you love.

Hypnosis can break your thought patterns and help you to reprogram your thinking. It is necessary to break the old habits which are holding you back and to make some big changes. Changing your body is a big change in your life and it will be possible only if you change your thought patterns and take some drastic steps.

Reprogramming your mind

Hypnosis is a state where you have deep relaxation and mental focus. This is the state where you can reprogram your mind to achieve what you want to achieve, which is in this case a better and thinner body that you love. During hypnosis you can have access to your subconscious mind from a nearer position and it is also more receptive to new idea and thoughts. This reprogramming will push you towards new habits of eating right and exercising regularly, which will in turn help you to lose weight and look slimmer.

Messages delivered during a hypnosis are called hypnotic messages. They can suggest new mindsets for you. For example, it is possible to deliver messages like ˜'eat smaller portions, feel easily satisfied, choose a fruit and not a sweet food, and other important messages which will help you to walk on the correct path to lose weight.

Only messages may not work and you may need some behavioural changes, which is not very easy to make. Hypnosis can help you to make behavioural changes in a way that is easier than using your will power only. Such behavioural changes may mean exercising regularly, enjoying what you eat, and such other changes. It can also provide the necessary psychological education such as understanding your existing eating patterns and what can help you to change them.

Positive attitude and feeling

Hypnotherapy promotes a positive attitude and feelings. It will help you to feel the positive outcomes of your efforts to lose weight and look slimmer. Mental imagery used in hypnotherapy is another important tool that not only helps you to create a positive feeling about yourself and your efforts, but it will also keep you motivated to keep going even when you don't see any progress. It will also boost your self-confidence to start working on the path to achieve your desired body.


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