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Wrong abs training risks

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Many of us one six-pack abs and we work a lot on our abs look better. However, if you are not doing the abs training the right way, it can result in different risks for you. When you train your abs in the wrong way, you do not see the desired results even after working so hard. Let’s find out more about these wrong abs training risks so that you can avoid them.

Risk 1 accelerated ageing

If you following crunches or another faulty abs training methods, it can ruin your youth. It is obvious from your hunch. Both men and women who look fit and have six pack also suffer from this condition because of wrong training methods. It is known as kyphosis. If you are using poor abs training, it can result in overactive upper abdominals which will pull the upper body forward. As a result of this you will have a stooped posture. This posture will put too much stress on your lower back.

However the negative results do not end there. When you have unbalanced abs, it will pull your breast bone toward your pubic bone and will also compress internal organs. As a result of that your abdominal organs may stick. If that happens, those organs will not be able to function properly and that will result in accelerated disease and ageing. It means you will look old and you will also have a hunch besides actually ageing from inside.

Risk 2 bulging potbelly and back pain

If you are following wrong abs training methods, it will create a visible effect of unbalanced core strength in the form of a potbelly. Even though you are trying hard to create six-packs and look better with well-defined abs, it will actually make you look fatter than you are. Because of wrong training, a set of muscles known as hip flexors may get over tightened. When the hip flexors are tightened and shortened with the wrong kinds of abs training, it will pull your pelvis forward and down. Because of that you will have which a sagging belly. It will make you look heavier than you actually are. Because of the distorted pelvis, you will also have serious back pain. This back pain can be very serious and become worse over time.

Risk 3 serious disc damage

This is one of the dangerous conditions that faulty or wrong abs training can cause. When you perform most of the abs exercises, they force your spine into extreme flexing. Because of such flexing intra-discal pressure will increase and too much pressure will be put on the fluids inside your disc. When the pressure gradually increases with continuous and long-term abs training, the fluids may squirt out from inside the discs. When this happens it is called as disc protrusion or disc hernias.

Such a condition will take months of painful treatment. Disc hernias can be really dangerous and difficult for you. Even if you recover, perform exercises may be difficult for you due to possible dangers in future.

Because of all the problems that wrong ways of abs training can cause, you have to be very careful while performing different types of abs exercises.

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