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What Happens if You Smoke Cannabis on Your Period?

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Periods, right? What a messy little week we women have in common. I knew a girl once who would bleed for just two days and had no cramps, no stomach pains, no hallucinations, no nothing. On the other hand, it was me who would bleed like a stuck pig and with millions of cramps and everything. And all she could say to me was, “What’s the big deal? It is normal; everyone has these. You just need to handle it better.” Guess what Jessie, it is hard for some of us! So, I met a stoner chick when I moved to the city, and she opened the green door of marijuana to me. She taught me how to use cannabis for my period cramps and pains. I was ecstatic for not rolling on the bed in pain for the first time in many years, during my periods. An 1847 study also backs the claim of cannabis helping women in easing the pain of menstruation. I was 22 back then, and I am 29 today when I decided that others should know about it too.

Beating PMDD or PMS with Canna-gods

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder or premenstrual syndrome, are two psychological games, our dear Aunt Flo likes to play, before, between, and sometimes after the periods as well. One second you are laughing at Steve Harvey, and on the other, you end up crying uncontrollably because you dropped the remote. This is just one little instant of PMDD and PMS; mood swings can get worse than this. The swings are so intense that they can intrude in your sleep, work, and relationships too.

Meanwhile, I get to break up with a jerk thanks to these misters, so the glass is half full. But you may lose someone precious too, so why to risk? Both main substances found in cannabis, THC, and CBD, are scientifically proven to manage the effects of anxiety and to alleviate stomach cramps by relaxing the human mind. So, smoking recreational marijuana or consuming medical marijuana with a balanced CBD to THC ratio can help you manage both PMDD and PMS.

The Queen Did It

What do you subject know? When the queen herself has tried and used it relatively, it has to be true. Yes, the longest-ruling monarch in human history; queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor II, used it for dealing with the vices of PMS. As per her physician, Sir J, Russell Reynolds, in 1890, accepted in writing that he prescribed cannabis to the queen of England for her PMS, for many years. The iconic doctor also believed that marijuana was the most potent weapon in their arsenal of medicine. The queen surely was not blazing a fat one sitting on the golden throne; she had a tincture of cannabis to get the job done. During those times, liquid concentrations of weed were the common most way of consuming 420. So, if the queen did it, then, well, I am doing it too.

It Can Shorten the Length of Period

We need more, descriptive, and more extensive studies on the topic of cannabis and periods. Nonetheless, the ones we have in hand suggest that using weed can help in shortening the lengths of your periods. But hold your horses, there is some other news on the same topic too, that says that smoking can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Decisions! Decisions! What should a woman do? Make them short for now or risk a delay for the next ones? Or take it head-on? Maybe you can use this technique to delay your menstrual cycle for an upcoming wedding or your anniversary.

It Will Help You in Cramps

If you have gone through it, you must know that menstruation cramps are not pleasant. I remember during my teens I would not work, I would not walk, and I would not make it to my university, the only thing I could do is, lying on my bed the entire day. They, the cramps, will plainly, make your life a living hell. But, wait, look who is here to help you out? The weed masters. As the many conditions like cancer, AIDS, HIV, and others, chronic pain is another condition, Californian laws accept and medicinal marijuana can manage. This is a simple, first-grade math and science equation; if cannabis can manage chronic pain, it will also manage menstruation cramps. I am not saying that they will vanish overall, I am just saying that the cramps will be less powerful. Your uterus will thank you for lesser spasms if you use weed. All in all, it is an excellent way of getting rid of period cramps.

But It Can Affect Conceiving Process

Looking to make a baby in the coming few months? Well, then you should think about putting the joint aside. Some studies back the fact that females who do the joint are less fertile than the ones who do not hit the bong. In more unambiguous words, as per a study, THC can diminish fertility in females, not only in humans but in animals too. But the only downside of relying upon this study is that it was carried out in the late 70s and 80s. During this era, the whole war on drugs campaign was on high tide.


So, if you are still skeptical about smoking weed during your periods, you can go for medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in many states of America, even the ones where recreational marijuana is illegal, like New York. You know there are a lot of efforts going on in many states to make period pain to enter the list of medical conditions that allow the use of medical marijuana. For now, if you have any of the qualifying conditions, you are good to get a medical marijuana card online and start using cannabis legally.