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Keto diet for people over 40

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If you are over 40 and you want to try keto diet to lose weight and get all the other benefits it has to offer, you can do so. However, you will need to make some changes and adjustments to fit you.

Start with realistic goals

If you are over 40 and have started to that for the first time, ensure that the goals that you have are realistic. Even after ketosis, you may not look like a 20 years old model and if you are trying to achieve than, it may be disappointing. There will be a limit to which you can lose weight and your results will depend on many variables including your age and the present condition of your body. If you set some unrealistic goals and you do not see the results you expected, you’re likely to stop the diet and without continuing it for some time you cannot expect positive results. Instead of checking your weight again and again, it’ll be better to check the mirror and see how your clothes of fitting.

Do not too much protein

It is important to eat protein to ensure that you are maintaining your muscles. However, if you consume too much protein, the extra protein will turn into sugar. You need the right amount of protein and the right amount may vary for different people depending on how much lean muscle mass you have, your gender and how active you are. There are some keto calculators available which will help you to get the idea of how much protein you need. Women are more sensitive to overconsumption of protein. Eating too much protein may add more weight to your body instead of losing it.

Avoid these

Even though you try to avoid carbs, they may find ways to sneak in to your diet. There are some sources of carbs which you don’t expect. Do you know that there are carbs in onions? Blueberries also have almost twice the cards of any other berry. There are some condiments which also have carbs and when you use them in your food, they add carbs which you are trying to avoid. Catcher, honey, mustard and non-keto salad dressings contain some amounts of carbohydrates.

Do not eat too much fat

Following a keto diet does not mean that you can eat all the fat you want. If you’re eating too much fat you’re also adding more and more calories to your body. And calories are calories and it doesn’t matter from what source they are coming.

Eating fat is good for you because it keeps you full and we do not become hungry even when you’re not full. Since it helps you to feel full and keep cravings away, so, you will not binge because you are hungry.

You need to ensure that you don’t eat carbs and you enough protein but not too much to maintain your muscles, and that will help you to keep losing weight.

Fasting is good

While on keto, sometimes fasting is good for you because that will help you to reach ketosis and lose more weight. Intermittent fasting is necessary and good for you when you are on a keto diet. If you’re already in ketosis and you stop eating for a couple days, your body will start burning more body fat because there is nothing else to burn.

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