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Red light therapy for fast and permanent pain relief

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What is Red Light Therapy?

This is a therapy for treatment of pain using red light. Low-level light therapy is an approved treatment method for treating conditions like chronic joint pain and slows to heal wounds.

The light used here is low intensity. As a result of that the light waves are weak and you don’t feel it. There is no heat produced during this process. These light waves are fired at the skin. The waves go about 8 mm or 0.3 inches into your skin. The waves reach just your blood capillaries and it doesn’t go any farther.

The light energy is absorbed and then converted into cellular energy. This cellular energy stimulates a large number of your body’s natural processes and also starts several metabolic events in your body.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Red Light Therapy increases your energy levels. It does so by increasing ATP production in your body.
  • It also stimulates DNA and RNA synthesis.
  • This therapy can reduce painful symptoms associated with arthritis.
  • It repairs damaged connective tissue.
  • It can increase the flow and circulation and thereby send more oxygen and nutrients to body cells.
  • The therapy can activate and speed up the lymphatic system.
  • It also increases production of collagen and fibroblasts.
  • It also increases phagocytosis or cellular cleanup.
  • The therapy reduces the impact of oxidative stress and free radical damage.


Red Light Therapy is very effective against chronic pain and autoimmune diseases because it reduces inflammation and inflammation is the top cause of chronic joint pain and autoimmune diseases.

More than 4000 scientific studies have proven Red Light Treatment to be effective in treating pain. If you go to pub.med.gov and look for red light treatment, you’ll find more than 4000 studies which indicate that Red Light Therapy has positive effect on acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Some of the findings from some of the studies done on this subject-

  • Dr. Margaret Naser of Boston University of Medicine found red light treatment increased knee extension 89% in patients while dramatically reducing pain.
  • In another study conducted on patients whose pain was so bad they had to leave work, 77% felt well enough to return to work again!
  • In a study conducted on veterans, they found wounds and bruises treated with red light therapy heal 250% faster!
  • Research from the University Of Sydney found that red light treatment is highly effective in treating neck pain.
  • And when put to the ultimate test, it was found red light treatment can reduce chronic back pain by 50%!

One study from the University of Ottawa in Canada found that people who were treated with red light therapy reported 70% less pain than the people who did not get this treatment. They studied 454 participants who are suffering from either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The same treatment was also successful in reducing morning stiffness by 30 minutes. It increased joint flexibility and thereby made huge improvement in treating arthritis of the people who participated in the study. And the results achieved in the study you where instant, which means people achieve 70% less pain after just a few minutes of treatment.

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