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What happens to your body when you go on a keto diet?

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Keto diet is an ultra low carb, high fat diet which helps you to lose weight quickly. However, losing weight is not the only benefit you will receive from keto diet. It will significantly impact your body and will change your body in a big way.

You lose weight fast

If you're to lose weight, keto diet will help you to lose weight fast. Many people are attracted to keto diet because of this reason only. If you want quick and aggressive fat loss, you need this that. However, keto diet is not a starvation diet and you want to preserve as much muscle as possible when you are on this diet. You will feed your body at least as many calories as it demands. When you start losing weight, it'll motivate you further to keep on the diet and thereby lose more.

Your brain will be supercharged

Your brain loves fat and that is why it will be supercharged when you are on a keto diet as key to diet is full of fat. As a result your brain will start functioning better. Many people who go on a keto diet report improvement in cognition function. This specially experience improvement in verbal and memory skills. Fat is a known brain for and it can really increase cognitive function if you include more monounsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Better insulin sensitivity

When you eat simple carbs like sugar and carbohydrates, your body experiences an energy rollercoaster. When you eat more sugar and starchy foods and carbs, your blood sugar levels cause very high and they can cause insulin resistance. When insulin resistance happens, your body cannot use insulin effectively to keep blood sugar in control. When you are on a keto diet, you cannot consume sugary or starchy foods and carbs and as a result of that blood sugar levels will rise slowly. This is a very good condition for people who have blood sugar issues or type 2 diabetes. Keto diet will appear insulin sensitivity and will thereby help you to control your blood sugar levels.

You will burn the internal fat in your core

When you go into ketosis as a result of a keto diet, you'll be able to lose the internal fat present in your core. The fat in your core is known as visceral fat and it mostly resides in the trunk surrounding your liver, stomach, kidneys and other organs. If you have too much visceral fat, it may result in higher risk of heart attack, heart disease, stroke and other such medical problems. Most commonly visceral fat results in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. When you go into ketosis, your body will start burning this fat first. At this point of time, you will see that your body weight is going down even though you do not see any external changes in the body composition. It happens because your body is burning the internal fat for fuel first. This is a very good condition for your overall health as it will reduce the risk of many medical problems including metabolic syndromes.

It will not only reduce the risk of different dreaded problems but it will also help you to look better and feel better in your own body.

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