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Ketogenic diet and weight loss

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A very effective weight loss tool

Ketogenic diet can be a very effective tool when you want to lose weight. Different strong evidences suggest that you need ketogenic diet if you want to lose weight effectively.

Such a diet can help you to lose fat and preserve muscle mass at the same time. It will also improve many markers of different diseases. Ketogenic diet is even better than a low fat diet when you are trying to lose weight. Even when the total calorie consumption is the same for both type of diets, ketogenic diet works better in helping you to lose weight. A scientific study found that people on a ketogenic diet lost 2.2 times more weight than those on a low-calorie, low-fat diet.

A scientific study compared a low carb diet to a low-fat diet. It found that low carb diet help train losing 15.2 lbs weight while the low-fat group help in losing only 4.6 lbs during the study period. It is evident that over three months the low carb diet resulted in three times more weight loss.

Ketogenic diet also has a metabolic advantage in comparison to other types of diets. Some other ketogenic diet studies have found something interesting. They found that people can lose fat fine food intake is not controlled or restricted when they go for a ketogenic diet. This finding can be very important for a normal person living in normal daily life.

When you go for ketogenic diet, you do not have to count calories and so it is a less stressful option of losing fat and bodyweight. You'll be able to simply eliminate some of the foods without having to track calories throughout the day.

How ketogenic diets help in weight loss

Ketogenic diets help you to lose weight by the following ways-

Higher protein intake-some ketogenic diets will result in increase in protein intake. As many weight loss benefits.

Food elimination-ketogenic diets will also help you to limit your carb intake and as a result of that limit your food of sense. This alone will help you to drastically reduce calorie intake and that is one of the key of losing fat and weight. Since you do not consume many of the foods that contain high levels of carb, it will reduce the total carb consumption for you.

Gluconeogenesis-your body will start to convert fat and protein into carbs for fuel. As a result of that, you'll be able to burn more calories every day. And by burning more calories every day, you'll be able to lose fat and body weight.

Appetite suppressant-there are some ketogenic diets which will help you to feel full easily and fast. This is good for you because it will reduce the total amount of food you consume and because of that the total calorie consumption will likely go down. It is also beneficial for you because there will be some positive changes in hunger hormones like leptin and ghrelin.

Decreased fat storage– ketogenic diets will help you by reducing fat storage as it reduces lipogenesis. Lipogenesis is the process of converting sugar into fat. So, when this sugar going in to your body in less amount and when it is converted into fat in less amount, it will help you to reduce the total fat storage in different parts of your body.


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